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4 Awesome Reasons Why Intel Compute Stick Is Your Next Gen PC

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Now you can carry a PC that can easily fit into the palm of your hand, no matter where you go. And guess what! The Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor, when run, gives you a complete Windows 8 experience. Designed so that one can easily plug it into the HDMI port of an HDTV or monitor, the system has a 2 GB memory and a flash storage of 32 GB embedded MMC. It does not come with an attached keyboard or a mouse or even a monitor but what it comes with is a PC where you can store anything and easily carry it anywhere in your pocket. Plug it in at home or in the office, Intel Compute Stick is your next smart PC.

How Smart Is The Intel Compute Stick To Be Your Next Ultimate Mobile PC?

Here is a list of some cool stuffs that you can do with the the Intel Compute Stick anytime, anywhere –

#1 – Streaming Live Video With HDMI

Sure you can watch Netflix on HDTV, using media streaming boxes like Roku or Apple TV, but with the Intel Compute Stick, you can also watch videos via HBO Now and Prime Video that are not yet available on Apple TV or Roku.

Besides, this next gen mobile PC can help you stream live videos of sports and other events from channels like and, provided you have already subscribed to them. All you have to do is plug in the device and sign in to enjoy the show.

#2 – Last Minute Project Presentation

You can run a full PowerPoint program or a PowerPoint player and watch it with a projector or on HDTV, with the help of an HDMI port. Though running the player will turn out to be faster, nevertheless, with a full PowerPoint program you can do any last minute edit that might happen in case of office presentations when one of your colleagues misses his flight and you need to step right in to cover for him.

#3 – Cloud Based Streaming Service

You can use the 2 ounce HDMI device to sign in to the application server over the VPN, from where you can access any files or information via the Internet or other cloud based file sharing service. This makes work easier to do from home or even when you are on a vacation but need to complete an urgent work before the arrival of the deadline. Make sure you have access to HDTV as well as wifi connection.

#4 – Get Access To Unlimited Games

With the Intel Compute Stick, you can easily access games of HTML5, Flash and Unity. The Intel compute stick lets you play simple games like Angry Birds, read fictional stories from interactive sites and more.

With so many technological advancements taking place, life seems to get faster and better. And just when you have thought smartphones and laptops were the only devices that speak mobility, here is a pocket size PC the size of a candy bar that has just arrived in the market.


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