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4 Gadgets That Will Soon Become Obsolete In 2015

With the advancement of technology, electronic gadgets are getting faster, smaller and powerful over time. As a result of this, more and more gadgets are facing the risk of becoming obsolete forever. Remember the time when you needed a walk man or an i Pod to carry your songs around? Well, they sure used to top a teenager’s list of coolest gadgets, but not anymore. With the availability of smartphones and music apps, hardly do you see anyone carrying around these gadgets while on the go.

There are a couple of gadgets that have been in daily use for some time now. However, since smartphones seem to be a predominate entity in our lives right now, these gadgets face the danger of becoming obsolete in 2015 itself.

4 Living Gadgets That You Will Soon Find Dead This Year


  • Land line Phones

This is the most prominent example among all. With smartphone being widely used by everyone, you will hardly find anyone having a land-line connection in their home. If you do find a close associate of yours still having a land-line connection, then the probable reason would be that, he/she was forced to take it along with a broadband connection. Besides, with the number of available apps for free calls and SMS, the easy recharge and video calls, land-lines no longer stand a chance to compete as a communication device.

  • Alarm Clocks

Remember this device that you used to have beside your bed to wake yourself up from slumber? Well, according to survey reports, maximum number of users now use their phones as alarm clocks. And why would they not? Your phones come with features that work just as good as your alarm clock. Besides, there are options to choose from your smartphone’s ring tone for the perfect tune to wake you up. So should there be any reason why alarm clocks might not die?

  • Compact Cameras

Back in 2010, compact cameras were on the hot-spot with over 132 million of them sold. Over five years duration, the number of compact cameras being sold by manufacturers have become almost half the number sold. Speaking of quality, some smartphone inbuilt cameras can nowhere be near that produced by compact cameras. Nevertheless, who wants to carry both when you can avail a two-in-one?

Besides, with image editing apps, users can get edit ready photos in no time with a smartphone.

  • Remote Controls

65 years ago, Lazy Bones , the first consumer remote appeared, with its cables attached to the table. Still today, you have to operate your television, using this device. While the remote control devices come with special features that are complex to operate, there are those that come with touch screen facility and can be operated after several navigation process. Though for some time voice-controlled television was expected to have cracked it, yet experiments are being made to come up with the change of pattern of the usage of remote controls.

With the passage of time, people are embracing new means of technology for better living. As we witness devices getting smaller and smarter, soon devices like laptop, tablets would too take the cue to becoming obsolete.


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