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4 iPhone Apps You Must Download From App Store

You can get almost any application from Apple’s app store be it a game app, a recipe app or even if you wanted to know how cops track down high speeding vehicles on the road. While any new iPhone user can check out all the apps available out there, here is a list of few names, which you would want to check out for your iPhone.

Check Out These Four Interesting Apps In Your iPhone


#1- Vivino Wine Scanner

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This iPhone app is very cool for those who would love to know a little bit of background of the wine they are drinking. You can take a little snap shot of the label on the bottle with your iPhone and let the app browse through its collection of information, consisting of approximately 3 million wines. Save the information to your ‘favorite list’ and use it later to track down the nearest store, where this particular wine supply is available. You can have a look into reviews that are posted by other users and can also share your personal opinion by creating a ‘taste profile’.

#2-  Pennies

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This app can be your personal financial adviser. Just put in your budget and keep on adding the amounts you are spending against it. Once you are done with that, Pennies will provide with an organized strategy of how you can properly spend your budget each day. You can also check out how much you are left with, before the month ends.

#3-  Writing Aid


This app acts like that one place you can always turn to, for finding synonyms and meanings. If you do not know what is that one word for say, ‘a person who has a hidden identity’, then the app will suggest you the word ‘incognito’. You can also look for the definition of a word by simply clicking on it.

#4- Plane Finder

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Now whenever you see a plane flying above in the sky, you can instantly get to know where it is heading and what its name is. You can open the app’s ARV or Augmented Reality View and point your phone’s camera towards the plane that is flying. The app will provide with every detail you need to know regarding the plane, starting from its flight number, the place where it is heading, the name of the aircraft, the name of the airport and the airline. You can also look into the map to see if there is any other plane that could be found within your proximity.

There are several other apps, which you can find from the app store. They are great and some can also come handy for all your necessary needs. If you have found out an iPhone app that is really great like one of these mentioned above, feel free to share with us what you have discovered from it and how it has changed your overall user experience.


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