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4 New Car Gadgets For Your Old Vehicle

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Gone are the days when a car was all about just the wheels and the engine. Today’s modern day cars come equipped with some of the coolest tech featured gadgets that can make one’s driving experience fun and exciting. Some of the most popular ones that I can recall right now are – entertainment system with navigation support, back-up camera, cruise control adaptive, lane-changing notification alert, back-up camera feature, self parking feature and more.

However, as attractively cool they may sound, buying a new car means spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, not many of us can afford to do that. But wait, every black cloud does have a silver lining right? So what if you can’t afford a new car! You can make your old car as good as new by adding some of the most advanced technological gadgets.

Here’s a list of 4 technological gadgets to make your old car look new and cool:


#1- The OBDLink MX Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Support

How about keeping a diagnostic track of car yourself, so that you don’t have to depend entirely on a car mechanic to know what’s exactly happening to your car, when something goes wrong. There are plenty of such apps that can easily be plugged in your car’s diagnostic port and can send you information via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. One such gadget is the ScanTool’s OBDLink series.

You can check your car to see if your car will pass through a smog inspection, find out the error codes of your engine that is causing the Check Engine Light, the manifold pressure, engine speed, fuel economy.

Besides this, the app lets you to check your driving speed and the exact location where you are driving, by logging onto Google Maps. If you are not using it, then the OBDLink automatically shuts down to prevent your battery from draining away.

You can avail the OBDLink MX Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for Android, Windows and iOS support platforms. The price range of OBDLink MX Bluetooth is $70 and the price of a OBDLink Wi-Fi app is $120.

#2- Dual Lens Dash Cam

This can come in handy when you face a car accident and need some proof of your innocence to avoid a car insurance scam. The Dual Lens Dash Cam is available at a market price of $149.99. With this gadget, you can record a footage of what is happening around your car. The footage gets saved in the memory card along with the exact time. It also comes with low light infrared assisted recording support that makes recording easy at night , in case, burglars break into your car. You can record a complete 6 hours video with the Dual Lens Dash Cam gadget.

#3- The GPS Vehicle Tracking System And Personal Locater

The GPS vehicle tracker comes at a market price of $209.99 along with a subscription monthly fee of $39.95. The gadget comes with a motion sensor that lets you keep a track whenever your car is on the move. You can receive text messages and emails every ten seconds when your car moves out of a safe zone or you can visit their website to keep a real time track. Get alert notifications in case your car is moving at a speed beyond the preset speed. The gadget is handy for those who have grown up teenagers taking their car out on the road. The information tracked down, will be saved for a maximum period of 90 days for you to review your car movements and patterns clearly.

#4- Bluetooth Handsfree And Streaming Audio Car Kit

You can plug this right into your car’s MP3/aux in port on the current system. This bluetooth car kit costs around $47.99 and can be paired with a tablet or a smartphone to receive a hand-free call from anywhere. What’s more! Its other features include a microphone with voice echo cancellation technology that makes your voice sound loud and clear when you are on a noisy road.

Is there any other gadget that you have installed in your car and find it very cool and impressive? Do let us know about it through your comments below. Would love to know more.


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