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4 Social Sites You Can Use To Share Your Ideas

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Choosing the right social media platform is now a concern among all, be it a business owner or a writer. Today, there are so many popular social sharing sites available like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ that it is difficult to choose the best out of them. Therefore, before opening an account, users always show concern pertaining to the features that a social platform will bring.

Here is a list of … popular social sharing sites you would like to use for your brand promotion:

1- Facebook


The most popular site for people of all ages, Facebook boasts of having approximately 1.19 billion users under its umbrella worldwide. Business firms utilize this place for brand promotion – organically and non-organically. Besides this, there is also a separate Facebook premium service you can use to promote your ideas. The latest improvements made to the online advertisement tool, has completely changed online advertising the way you know it.

When opening an account, users fill in their personal details. If you are utilizing Facebook for your brand or your idea promotion, then you can find your target audience not only based on their demographics but by informations like age, likes, job post and more. A large number of business organizations (new and established) today have set up their individual Facebook pages for promotion through blog post, pictures, comments, status updates and more. The main advantage of utilizing Facebook is that it is flexible for any use.

2- Twitter

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Twitter is another famous platform and is used by everyone from teenagers to adults and celebrities – everyone is on Twitter. Majority of users on Twitter, simply login to follow up with the latest trends and happenings. It’s true! Don’t you follow all the latest tweets posted by your favorite star? Now see what I mean?

If you have a website, then you can instill a social sharing button for this site, where you can tweet about your latest topics, observations, contests, seasonal offers and more. Twitter is also one of those must have social media platforms where every organization will hold an account. It can be a sports related business, a publication house, a marketing company or a SaaS company.

The ability to post a picture along with your tweet makes it an engaging tool for your brand promotion. According to reports, an image can increase engagement by approximately 89%, if you tweet your post along with a Tweeter.

3 – Instagram


This is the sixth most popular social platform, popular mostly among people belonging to age groups from 18 to 29 years of age. If you are offering services for restaurant, fashion boutique, handicraft store or ideas that are interesting, then open up an account on Instagram.

However, don’t expect to get quick miracles by simply snapping a picture and uploading it. Utilize this space to bring to life the fun side of your business and ideas. Like Twitter, Instagram is also a lot about catching up with the latest happenings around. So, you can shed some information regarding the inside of your office, your staff and after office parties, what book are you thinking of writing next or even organize a contest via a picture.

4- Google+


This is that one place where you can meet like minded people and share with them what you want them to listen to. If you own a tech or engineering firm then this is the best place to open up an account. It prioritizes more on content marketing and the top three brands to dominate Google+ are Android, Chrome and Mashable. However, ideators and creative minds need not shy away.In fact, the key to improving the page rank of your website is by promoting it in places where your target audience is concentrated the most. It is said that Google+ is the place where one can find the maximum number of target audience.

With a series of social platform names now rising on top, only four notable names have been mentioned here . There are other names like Pinterest and LinkedIn. However, your purpose and the nature of your idea and motive determine a lot when utilizing social sites for sharing and promotion.


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For creating a value for your brand as well as demand for your products and services, you need an effective tool. One such tool is social media. They provide you with the best results which you must have never come across in comparison to other methods.

Just think of it. A simple post on Facebook can bring about thousands of likes and followers. The same is with Instagram and Twitter. And this is a clear proof of the reach social media has over people and how it influences their buying skills.

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