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5 PlayStation 4 Games To Keep You Hooked Throughout 2015

Game addicts will surely be looking forward for new PlayStation 4 games this New Year and lucky for them, 2015 will bring some of the most anticipated games all have been waiting for.

There is something for everyone this time. So let’s not waste anymore time and get on with the list of top 5 games you would like to have in your shopping list this time.

5 Anticipated PS4 Games To Look For In 2015

#1- Call Of Duty


This is one of those combat game series that cover almost everything, be it the World War II or the modern day combats. The latest addition is the Advanced Warfare, where the future battles will show hovering grenades and jet-packs to be an essential part of the military technology. According to latest observations, ‘Call Of Duty’ is expected to be on the list of best sellers this New Year.

#2- Bloodborne

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If you are looking for a game that presents you an epic challenge in 2015, then Bloodborne stands as the perfect choice like no other. Set to be released by From Software in the month of February, you may find it to be a successor of games like Dark Souls and Demon Souls. This game, promises to bring you something faster than before this New Year and you need to act fast with a solid strategy. You could also choose among the new tools to cut your challenges down to size.

#3 – Everybody’s Gone To Rapture

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This PlayStation 4 game looks to be something unique this year that makes a category of its own. You will not find a plot to shoot or fight but there are six characters waiting for you to listen to their individual stories that connect different landmarks around the world.

#4 – Far Cry 4

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If you like hang gliding, zip lining, big hunting games and fighting the bad guys, then do not miss Far Cry 4. This PlayStation 4 game takes you to the Himalayas, to face your enemies, amidst a civil war. There will be a lot of entertainments though, to keep you distracted, so be ready to go through these tough times. You could use the help of your friend if needed, even though he/she might not be owning a PlayStation 4 game, and together conquer a mission.

#5- The Order : 1886

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The Order is more or less another combat game to look out for. The only difference is that the game is not set amidst the civil war or in space. Rather, it is set in the mythos of 1886, where the descendants of King Arthur and The Knights Of The Round Table battle it out against the revolt of the lower class and the half-breed humans in historical London. Advanced weapon and longer life spans are your armors to survive amidst the numerous enemies present within the game.

2015 is yet another year for game addicts to wait with anticipation for the new releases, especially those who have purchased PlayStation 4 and have got heavily addicted with the gaming experience. Hopefully these 5 PlayStation games will keep you engaged throughout the year.


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