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A new product from Dynamic Signal to manage Social Media promotion efforts

Launched in 2010, the entire team of Dynamic Signal, a social marketing company, is all set to taste new heights of success with the release of their new product called VoiceStorm. This product aims at encouraging, managing and measuring the efforts of employees to promote a company on social networking sites.

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The CEO of Dynamic Signal, Russ Fradin has revealed that the functions of this new product is similar to that of the company’s existing platform. While the existing platform allow companies to go for word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, this new product will mainly focus on replacing all those face-to-face encounters and team e-mails where someone constantly insists others to post something on Facebook or tweet it via Twitter.

Users can not only upload contents which they find on other websites, VoiceStorm also has the capability to pull contents form the RSS feed of a company automatically. As a result, an employee might see the press release of a major product launch or the latest job listings when he logs into his dashboard. If he likes a content, he might post it on all of his social media accounts.

The management also gets to keep a close watch, and check who is getting the most clicks and who is sharing the most. Eventually, if an important team member is hired from the sharing made by an employee, it will not only save the company’s thousands of dollars of recruiting fees, but the employee will also get handsomely rewarded by the company.

Fradin has also added that the key component of VoiceStorm is mobile messaging. If a company has an upcoming big event which requires immediate promotion, VoiceStorm can send alerts nudging all the members to start tweeting about it.

The primary highlight is that it is not just restricted to employees. One can send invites to the supporters of the company – which includes the advisors and investors.

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