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What Are Bitstrips App & How Do You Block Them?

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Bitstrips App – Enjoy Sharing Comics starring YOU !

Off late, I’m sure you have noticed how your Facebook homepage has turned out into looking like the Comics section of your Sunday newspaper. All thanks to the Bitstrips app, a Facebook user can create his or her cartoon avatar, and showcase various incidents via pre-installed “scenes”. Now what’s the fun in that? Nothing! They are just the plain old simple comic strips with cartoon avatars of you and your friends in (mostly) a humorous situation. What you do with it once it’s created? You share the Bitstrips app on your Facebook Timeline, and have a good laugh about it with your friends.

Let’s take this image as an example. The Facebook Timeline of Christine (the name has been changed, obviously) shows a Bitstrips image where she is dissatisfied with her boss’s attitude as he refuses to acknowledge her hard work.

Bitstrips app

Increasing popularity of Bitstrips app

Bitstrips app is getting popular day by day, and chances are high that you’ll be seeing them pop up more often. Now let’s take for instance that you are a pretty serious person, and do not like the idea of seeing your friends populate your Facebook homepage with “idiotic” comic scenes about themselves. So what do you do? Unfriend them from your account just because you do not want to see the Bitstrips app images?

Blocking Bitstrips app to show on your timeline

Worry not, my friend! Facebook also gives you the magic power to block Bitstrips. Oh yes, you read it right. Let’s see how you can stop Bitstrips images from appearing on Facebook forever:

#1. Click on the drop-down arrow on the top right section of your Facebook account.

#2. You’ll find the option ‘Settings’ over there. Click on it.

#3. As the ‘Setting’ window opens, you’ll be able to see the option ‘Blocking’ on the left-hand column.

#4. Scroll down to the Apps section and type in Bitstrips. Select the app when it appears to add it.

#5. Once it is added, press OK.

This process will ensure that you are never bothered with these images. And not just this app, you can follow this simple step in order to block any post of other app from appearing on your homepage as well.

So, there you have it! Enjoy a cartoon-free Facebook time! Cheers!

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