Monday, September 27, 2021
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Vuemix App – A Free Video-Browsing App for iOS

Know All About The Vuemix App

Vuemix is a revolutionary free video-browsing app for both iPhones and iPads (coming soon to Android).

There are many browsing apps for video, audio, and images. But nothing stands out quite like Vuemix. What makes this app unique is the 9 tile screens that play simultaneously. Yes, simultaneously. When the app prompts users on log in, they are greeted with a myriad of different videos. These videos can all be seen playing at once, with audio coming from the selected tile. This system allows users to make informed decisions on what to watch ahead of time by previewing each tile. The traditional static thumbnail is rendered obsolete with Vuemix’s breakthrough.


What Vuemix app offers

Vuemix app presents a wide offering of videos by crawling the web for trending topics all the way down to specific sporting events, news sources, how to videos, and travel destinations. The videos are crawled from a massive amount of web sources and indexed into the Vuemix app. Users are greeted with an immense amount of content on the app due to the vast sources of crawled videos. In the app itself, Vuemix features over 20 separate categories of videos, an individual search feature and live shopping networks such as HSN and QVC. Yes live, right to your device, free of charge.

To create a better experience for the end user, Vuemix has created an unrivaled cloud-based storage platform. This platform houses all the indexed videos and streams them instantly to the device. What does this mean? That videos are crawled, indexed, and then played on the device as they roll in. Trending topics and new videos on Vuemix are truly that, trending and new.


Other Features

As if the streaming video wasn’t enough, Vuemix is populated with dozens of other features. One of the most prominent is the news section that comes with each video. The news section links to popular, relevant and important news articles that relate to the said video. This allows users to gain more information about any particular topic without leaving the app itself. Other features include highly integrated social sharing capabilities, the ability to text video’s to other friends, and highlight your favorite channels. Vuemix also allows for the making of ‘mixes’. Mixes are combinations of any particular users videos that they decide to put together. Once a user makes a mix of their favorite videos, they can be shared outside of the Vuemix app. Within the Vuemix app, users can look to see what mixes are being ‘broadcast’ed to other users as well.

Television is still considered the top-flight medium for consuming video. But Vuemix is the first app to gives users a chance to move away from that medium. With the live streaming shopping channels, the app is moving into the market of television as well. Both iPad and iPhone versions stream the live content on the shopping channels. This is yet another sign of the move to mobile and Vuemix is leading the charge. Find the Vuemix App in the App Store.