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Acronis Backup – A recovery solution for most business systems is more than just a backup!

Acronis Backup

Imagine a scenario where you enter your office one fine morning and see all your data has simply vanished from your system….so how long can you survive without your data?

Don’t panic, in the event of such disasters, Acronis Backup provides fast, one-click recovery of individual files, application data, or a complete system—all from a single backup. Now you can get back to work in minutes, not hours!

What is Acronis Backup all about?

Acronis Backup is an award-winning disk imaging technology that helps you protect your entire system. Each product in the Acronis Backup family is an all-in-one, complete solution tailored to a specific business component: servers, virtual machines, business applications, or individual PCs.  From easy system migrations to innovative storage-saving technology, Acronis does it all. And guess what? You needn’t be an IT expert for such high level system recovery work!

Acronis Backup Advanced for PC – new generation backup and recovery for your business’ desktops and laptops.

Acronis Backup & Recovery stores and recovers drives, partitions, folders, and files in more different ways than any other backup software you may have ever seen, and, if you’re willing to learn to navigate its complex menus and obscure options, you may never want anything else.

It has an impressive corporate-level power and versatility, with its ability to back up and restore anything from individual files to images of whole drives, and to back up to any imaginable location. It’s the one backup app that has all the features needed for today’s hardware and software, and, as a bonus, it has a distinct speed advantage over its rivals.

Acronis Backup for PC is our complete, one-stop solution for protecting all your desktops and laptops—either on site, or on the road.

Acronis Backup

Performance Tests on Acronis Backup
Acronis was found to be reasonably speedy when backing up to local disks and its online service. According to reports, it took 6 minutes and 30 seconds to backup an 800-MB folder to the online service over a fast internet connection, and 1 minute 24 seconds to a USB3-connected local drive.


Acronis Backup – Can it quality for the Best Backup app?
Acronis Backup & Recovery is a powerful, flexible application that deserves to have a clearer and more coherent interface. Amazingly thorough and powerful backup application, more suitable to expert IT managers than for small businesses or consumers. It can do just about anything, but you should need to read a downloadable manual to use some of its features.

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