Monday, September 27, 2021
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After Apple and Samsung, It’s Microsoft’s Touchscreen Smartwatches to Vie for

Microsoft is all set to join Apple, LG and Samsung as the manufacturer of a new age “smart watch”. According to the Wall Street Journal, the software biggie has already started working on the designs of this smart touch screen watch. The journal could not divulge any tentative time about when the watch is going to hit the tech market.


At the beginning of this year, the Asian suppliers for the company were asked to ship the parts of a watch like device with a 1.5 inch display. Though no representatives of Microsoft was available for confirming the news, a source of this news said that he got the news through a meeting with the research and development team of Microsoft.

Previously, Apple needed the help of watch makers like Fossil for creating a Smart Personal Object Technology that means a watch that can link to a PC through a cable. The company stepped into the watch market in 2000 with this SPOT technology. In 2004, this SPOT object that can offer you weather or stock related reports and several other updates, came to the market. Unfortunately, the product could not last in the market after 2008. So, this is not the first time that Apple is treading the path of making watches.

Microsoft’s hardware division got ramped up with the creations like Surface Pro and Surface RT tablets. According to the last week’s report of the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is also working on a tablet with a 7 inch screen. This software giant has already worked with mobile companies like, Nokia and other hardware companies for developing its Windows Phone. This company is yet to go a long way before its device sale tips that of Google or Apple.

Intelligent timekeeping seems to be the new target for the big tech companies as a number of them have raced to bring their smart watches first to the market. Apple is on its way to coming up with its iOS based watch, while Samsung has already confirmed its work going on a similar project. Pebbles also broke the news of its kick-starter project of making a smart watch, last year that raised more than $10 million. The company has already started shipping the products to its backers.

It seems that wearable computing is comfortably making its way to reality from science fictions. With Google ready to launch its glasses in near future and Chinese tech company Baidu working on its smart glasses, wearable computing is set to touch new heights.