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Tablets and stylii to replace pens and paper – The Age of Smartpens


Digital Writing Revolution – The Age of Smartpens

The days of sitting and taking notes in a meeting,  jotting them down on a legal pad may be coming to an end. A wide variety of innovative new devices have hit the market to serve everyone from basic note-takers to advanced graphic designers. Tablets and stylii are replacing pens and paper.

“Our mantra is harmony between humans and technology,” said Wacom’s Doug Little.

 Handwritten notes, written hurriedly during a meeting, ultimately have to be transcribed or scanned to become part of a permanent digital record. And this is where all the laziness come in! Jotting down quickly in short forms and abbreviations become more difficult to understand if you decide to postpone the work for a couple of days…and soon you realize that you are unable to make out what you have yourself jotted down just a few of days ago.

On the other hand, clicking away on a keypad doesn’t quite cut it for all situations.

So is there a solution? – yes! – New Age Smartpens

“The cool thing about using the pen with the computer is that it gives you choices,” said Doug Little, public relations manager at Wacom.

“When you’re using a pen, not only is the navigation fast and easy, but now you’re able to draw, write — basically do anything you want,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Wacom’s devices, including its Bamboo series of pens and the Intuos and Cintiq tablets, are all intended to preserve the natural feeling of writing and drawing while providing the advantages of digital technology.

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Pens have gone beyond being simple tools for making marks on paper, and smartpens like the Livescribe 3 — which syncs notes and audio to a mobile app — are fundamentally changing what it means to write.

“Designed as the ultimate mobile companion, it’s the perfect complement for someone who always has their iPhone or iPad by their side, is constantly on the go, and wants to easily transfer phone numbers, events, or action items into their phone or tablet,” Brian Kemp, senior global public relations manager for Livescribe, told TechNewsWorld.

Livescribe’s smartpens bring a number of different features to the table. The Sky WiFi pen, for example, uploads notes and recordings directly to Evernote.

“Once your notes and recordings are in Evernote, they’re available on just about any device,” explained Kemp.

“Evernote even does basic OCR on your notes so you can quickly find keywords, and integrates with TranscribeMe to provide full typed transcriptions of your audio pencasts,” he added. “The Sky WiFi smartpen is perfect for people who are frequently on a wireless network and want everything stored in the cloud.”

Livescribe’s Echo, on the other hand, keeps notes and recordings in Livescribe’s desktop software and allows users to send notes via Evernote, Facebook or email.

“Echo is a great product for students, reporters, or anyone who doesn’t always have a wireless network connection or just wants to keep all their information on their computer,” said Kemp.

The goal of all digital pens is to make writing, recording and sharing information easier than ever.

“Livescribe smartpens make it easy to connect paper and pen to the digital world,” noted Kemp. “We believe pen and paper notes become more valuable when they are available on the digital devices people use daily, and Livescribe offers products for all scenarios. In this way, people don’t have to choose between their pen and their digital devices.”

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