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American Express In Sync With Twitter Allows Cardholders To Make Purchases By Using The Given Hash-tag

The recent up-gradation of Twitter and the Sync program of American Express allows cardholders to make purchases by making use of a hash-tag.

This service was launched on Monday, following which AmEx users who synchronize their cards can make online purchases simply by using the correct hash-tag. The first item that is available is the AmEx gift-card that is worth 25 dollars, but can be purchased for 15 dollars if the customer can tweet: #BuyAmexGiftCard 25. Other products that will be available for this service from February 13th onwards is Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD (at 149.99 dollars after a 50 dollar discount); XBOX Controller ( at 29.99 dollars after a 10 dollar discount); the 4GB XBOX 360 console along with two gaming tokens and XBOX LIVE subscription for three months ( at 179.99 dollars, that is the console’s price alone without the added parts).


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Consumers who wish to purchase those items and use the hash-tag to do so will be verified by @AmexSync, which will also contain the confirmed hash-tag. Cardholders can then tweet the given hash-tag within 15 minutes, and confirm the purchase. Once this process is over, the product will be delivered to their offices or houses within a couple of days. No delivery charges are levied.

This program is developed and expanded on American Express’s Sync Program rolled out in coordination with Twitter that was first announced in 2012 March. That initiative offered discounts to participating cardholders who displayed the hash-tags in their tweets.

American Express is, however, not the first company to explore and make a profit out of business avenues on Twitter, a process commonly referred to as t-commerce. In 2012, Chirpify, another startup, paired up with Pay Pal to allow users to sell and buy items using @handles on Twiter.

For American Express, this might be more of a promotional tactic, rather than an endeavor to boost sales on an e commerce platform. Every time the hash-tag is tweeted, users are tacitly endorsed to the docket, with the result that the AmEx brand name also gets wider visibility.

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