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Android Smartphones 2014 – New Tricks & Tips To Learn

Android Smartphones 2014

Tips and Tricks – Android Smartphones 2014 

Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating systems and a large fraction of smartphones sold last year were running android. The reason being ease of use, superb application base and regular updates that keep people hooked for something fresh. There are a lot of things that you might know about this operating system but still there are some other little tricks that you might have missed. Here we give you some Android Smartphones 2014 tips and tricks that you should know.

Android Smartphones 2014  – Network modes

There are many devices which offer the option to choose among 2G, 3G and 3G preferred modes. This is very comfortable as you can choose the option you need but there are some devices which don’t offer you a 3G only mode. While in a region with good coverage, you can switch to 3G/2G auto mode, you might need the 3G only mode if it is switching a lot. If you device hasn’t got this option and you need to switch to 3G only, follow this simple method.

Android Smartphones 2014

Go to your phone dialler

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Go to ‘Phone Information’
  • Scroll down and select the network mode as ‘WCDMA only’

Owner Info Display in Android Smartphones 2014

While there are multiple customization options for the lock screen, there wasn’t an option to display the owner info until Jelly Bean. On devices running Jelly Bean and above, you can go to the lock screen settings and select the option to show owner info on lock screen. You can customize the text being displayed. Put in your name and alternate contact there, just in case you lose your device.

Android Smartphones 2014 – Screenshot

There are times when you need to take a screenshot of your device. Maybe a small part of some website or an interesting conversation. Have you been looking for the best application to take the screenshot of your device? Well you don’t have to as it has been a standard feature in android after they released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. To take a screenshot using  android smartphones 2014, all you have to do is press volume down and power key together. You will hear a shutter sound and the image will be there in your gallery under ‘Screenshots’. The resolution of image would be the same as your display resolution.

Monitoring data in Android Smartphones 2014

Most of us here run on a limited data plan. Android devices are data hungry and as you keep installing more apps, they start consuming more of your data. You can use the data usage monitor in android settings to set the data limit so that your monthly usage doesn’t exceed your data plan. You can also restrict the background data usage if you are running on fumes. The data usage monitor in a  android smartphones 2014, not only helps keep track of data volume consumed but also keeps track of the applications consuming most data. This way you can check which app used up your data if there is a sudden spike in usage. There are some other apps available on the play store as well that can help you do the job.

Android Smartphones 2014 – File transfer

Older devices with small internal storage were good in ways. You can plug in the cable, simply choose the option to enable USB mass storage, copy files and done. Now however with devices like nexus that have all their storage in a single partition, there is no option to connect the device as mass storage. You can only connect it as a media device or camera but that limits the options. Also when connected as a media device, the transfer rates are slow and you can’t have the device handle multiple transfer operations. There is not much you can do apart from copying music and videos. To have some more control over your device ie.  android smartphones 2014, using your computer, you can use something like Air Droid. All you need to do is connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer, open the app on your device and enter the IP address in your computer web browser. While this doesn’t add much functionality in terms of file management, at least it is wireless and you get many other tools as well.

Start-up apps in Android Smartphones 2014

After you have been using your device for a few months, it will start to get slow and laggy. This is because as you keep installing apps, they keep adding their handlers so that they launch on start up to handle a particular process. While there are some apps, in  android smartphones 2014, which need to do this to provide you notifications in time, there are a large number of apps that would add start up processes that would just push ads in your notification drawer or send you irrelevant notifications.

To filter such apps, you can use something like the AutoStart manager in Rom Toolbox or the Autorun manager. These apps can help you cut down the number of processes that start up with your device and slow it down. You can disable or uninstall the apps that you don’t need and are consuming memory on your device slowing it down.

Android Smartphones 2014 – Track lost device

In a busy and occupied day, it is quite possible that one might lose his/her phone. Our phone is an important part of our life, not to mention all the important data it will take away when it goes. There are some tools that can help you track down your lost device or in the worst case, wipe it completely so that your data doesn’t reach someone else. Google offers one such feature with the  android smartphones 2014 device manager interface. Though we would recommend something like Avast Anti-Theft or Lookout. Avast anti-theft can be installed as a system app and once you install it with root access, there is no way one can bypass the security it provides. You can track your device using a web interface and also carry out multiple operations remotely using the web interface or text messages.

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The article has been written by Kundan Kumar, who is passionate about technology. He’s working at and writes about the latest in the tech domain, right from devices to innovations. You can Follow him on Twitter.

Kundan Kumar
Kundan Kumar is passionate about technology. He's working at and writes about the latest in the tech domain, right from devices to innovations.