Monday, September 27, 2021
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Android’s Tumblr Gets Updated

On Monday, Tumblr unveiled latest updates it had made to the Android app.

Amongst other updates made by this blogging platform, changes have been implemented in the app’s interface. Apart from this, the quality of images and post animations have been improved.

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Users can access Android’s Tumblr from Google Play. The incorporation of a new screen called “post anything” allows users to share videos, links, chats, quotes, texts and photos by clicking on the individual icons. This free app comes with “advanced controls”, which can be useful for saving drafts, customizing tweets and queuing posts. The reviews for these latest improvements have been positive so far.

December 2012 was the last time when the interface was updated. Moreover, since the December of 2012, the app has undergone upgrades to support tablets with larger screen sizes.

As per statistics, Tumblr reached its milestone in March, with the announcement of the creation of 44.6 million blog-posts and 100 million blogs using its platform.