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Apple To Launch Its New Watch Collection In Spring 2015


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After iPhone 6, its now time to brace ourselves for the new Apple Watch. Though there is no proper information as to when it is going to be launched, what could be expected as of now is that, it is going to be in the early half of 2015. Yes, that is what we are hearing. Some predictions are that the launch is going to be most probably in the ‘Spring’ time . From a recent video report, to quote Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s Senior Vice President of on-line and retail stores – “ …we’re going into the holidays, we’ll go into Chinese New Year, and then we’ve got a new watch launch coming in the spring…”.

According to the Chinese calendar, the date for the Chinese New Year falls on 19 February, 2015. From our calculation, one can expect the Apple’s watch to hit the market after 19th of February.

It seems that Apple is streaming to make a mark in the fashion industry along with technology. Though Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a Wall Street Journal Digital conference, California said the iPhone would “continue to be a majority of the company’s revenue and profits for the foreseeable future”, yet there is a little bit of trace of the upper statement, when he spoke about the need to charge daily – “When you wear something, it has to look really cool. It can’t be geeky. It has to say something about you…You’re going to wind up charging it daily.”

Apple is not eager to talk much about the new launch but what we know is that its has collaborated with fashion brand Collete . You can catch a glance of this new Apple collection, kept on display in one of the windows of the ‘Parision boutique’.

Though Apple has tried to quench our thirst for more information by offering a sneak peak into the model, nevertheless, some of us don’t seem to be satisfied with just this. The design looks great we know but what about its features and prices? Of course,as a buyer you cannot ignore that while buying. Besides, if anyone of you predicted the watch to come with a geeky look, then you are wrong to begin with. Let’s have a short brush up to rewind your knowledge about Apple’s tech fashion first. The new collection comes in three variations, leaving six different options for the strap design, material and the color. Refer to the specification box below:

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 There is a lot more to tell you about the features and it won’t fit within the specification box above. So it was thought best to use it for ‘Additional Feature’ knowledge.

 It is unusually a back-to-forward process of information but…

Now We Come To The Main Features Presented By Apple Watch

Body Features

Anyone who had seen the watch put on display at Collete, would have seen that the dial comes square shaped with round edges, curving from forward to backward.

The watch features a digital crown, which you can use to rotate up and down the screen and browse through the apps. However, don’t lose your curiosity just now as Apple still allows to enjoy the touch screen support. Why the heck would it be called a smart watch other wise? The touch screen comes with a force sensitivity feature that can sense the amount of force you are putting on the display. That means,the watch features different functions, all of which could be accessed using different degree of pressure on the display. Now that’s cool!

The back of the dial is made of ceramic and is backed with wireless protocols. It comes installed with sensors for usage of health apps and magnets so that the dial could be properly placed on the Magsafe wireless charger.

Speaking of the watch strap, as was mentioned before, it comes in six different styles and are interchangeable as and when you want. The six designs include the classic and the modern buckle style, the link bracelet, plastic band (for sports), leather loop. You can get them in different colors and finishes.

Inner Features

  •  Speaking of battery…

There is not much information about it. However, from popular sources, what we know is that the size is going to be almost micro. You must have got some idea about it by now, provided you read what Tim Cook said about charging. So that brings us to the conclusion that you need to ‘nightly’ charge it to enjoy its full support throughout the day.

  •  Internal Storage

The Apple Watch is said to feature a 512 MB Ram and a 4GB storage. The internal storage size is expected to expand with the higher models. That means you could avail internal storage of about 8 GB too.

  •  Memory Chip

Apple had sanctioned brands like Micron, Samsung and Hynix to take over the production of memory chips. According to the reports, the models will feature wireless chips, similar to the Broadband BCM 43342 that was used originally for iPhone 5.

  •  iOS

As for the operating system platform, it is being redesigned and made compatible for a compatible watch usage.

It is not completely independent of the iPhone device. You need to link it up with your handset for receiving notifications and use the GPS feature to find about your position on earth. It has an NFC chip integrated within and hence you can avail the Apple Pay for your payment service.

You can choose your favorite watch face from its multiple collection,like the one that shows where you are located on the Earth or the one which shows only the time and weather temperature.

The display also comes with the Siri Voice support system that lets you control your device,instead of typing down on the small display. Send instant messages by simply drawing your finger on the display.

But this does not end here. As is the norm, Apple loves to keep everyone under suspense before launching anything. Though media experts are trying to let no stone unturned, there are still some information that need to be found out. Apple Watch comes with unlimited features that are yet to be tracked down. Now that the watch will come integrated with the Health kit app, you can easily track down health related information such as your heart rate.

Besides this, if you are lying idle for one hour, there are special features that would alert you of possibilities of vein thrombosis (or something else) and vibrate to prompt you to do some exercise. It seems that Apple would now live up to its name, as goes the expression “ an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.

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