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Apple or Samsung, Who Wins the Smart-phone Watch Battle?

Amid all the buzz about Apple’s digital wristwatch doing the rounds, Samsung wants to bring in a smart phone like watch to the digital market. Lee Young Hee, the executive vice president of Samsung mobile has announced the launch of this new entrant to the world of iDevices in Seoul. It is expected to be in the market by the end of this year.

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It seems that before the hoopla about this device just die down, Samsung wants to grab its share of the market. It seems that the slowing down growth rate of smart-phone sale has created a stir among the electronic giants. This particular wearable device has been designed to function almost like a smart phone. According to Lee, this creation is a part of the devices Samsung has planned for the future. So, is it an aim to launch a future device ahead of Apple? Actually, he refused to disclose anything else other than the fact of its possible launch this year.

Apple’s wristwatch team has strength of 100 people. This much hyped yet-to-be-launched device is being called iWatch. This one is expected to be even better than what Apple has already done in the space of watch.

The Past Did Not Impress: Apple already has its watch faces for iPod Nano. Some enthusiasts also went ahead to create band accessories for it. The last year saw the launch of a new version of it. That did not work well.

Samsung had its share of misfortune too. They recently created a gadget called S9110 watch phone. That had Bluetooth connectivity and a 1.76 inch touch screen. The first watch phone by Samsung was SPH-WP10, launched in 1999.

Expectations for the Future: The Apple watch is being developed by the top engineers in the company. James Foster, the senior director of engineering is a part of that team. Achim Pantfoerder, the program manager with 13 patents for the company to his credit (that included a light sensor and an electronic sighting compass) is also there.

So, it is really difficult to say who will capture the market with greater competence. Both have added high-end smart phone features like pedometer, compass to their watches. The one launching its product first will surely be in an advantageous position.

After the reports of much hyped Samsung Galaxy S4, failing to impress the buyers, people will be looking forward to a tight competition between the two electronic giants for wooing the prospective market.