Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Apps to help you improve Work Productivity

One of the biggest crisis of human existence is that we are all in search of more time, but the to-do-lists never stop expanding. If you are already bogged down with the pressures of work, I have got news for you. The days are not going to get any longer and your responsibilities are going to increase with every passing day. So what is the solution?

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In order to be more efficient in our work and handle the tedious errands in a better way, there are actually some shortcuts which can help you in your endeavors. And in the age of smartphones and tablets, it is very obvious that you’ll have the choice to seek assistance from mobile apps. From handling payroll and scheduling meetings to remembering important data and virtual assisting, let us take a look at the top 3 apps which can help you improve your work productivity:


Evernote helps you remember anything which you might run the risk of forgetting. This free app stores all your plans, photos, ideas and notes, and you can easily access whenever you want. With the use of its Skitch tool, Evernote also allows you to draw. Security features are going to be included soon to ensure that the stored data is safe and secure.


Supported by both Android and iOS, this app brings you the power of Microsoft Office in order to edit and create files. This app also allows you to access the files that you have kept stored in the cloud with Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive and DropBox. The experience of managing and sharing the work with employees just gets better with Cloudon.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Who doesn’t want an assistant? Someone whom you can share the workload with? But sadly, most of us can’t afford an assistant. So how about a virtual one? The Dragon Mobile Assistant app is designed to recognize your voice and take dictations of whatever you speak. It can be an important note, a reminder to update social media pages, make calls or schedule meetings. And moreover, you can also designate a name to this app, and call by this name to “wake the dragon” up.

So, what do you think about the utility of these apps? Do you think they can enhance work productivity? Or do you want to suggest any other app which you have found to be helpful? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!