New Supercomputers can Track down Life outside Our Planet

Alien Planet

One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of planet Earth revolves around the existence of extraterrestrial life. From doubtful sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (or UFOs) and suspicions of secret government activities to the frequent speculations that Gods are nothing but aliens who arrived on Earth in ancient times, there has been infinite debates – with none coming to a definite answer. But this time, chances are pretty high that we may get to a proper conclusion. Astronomers have Read more […]

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What Are Bitstrips App & How Do You Block Them?

Bitstrips Logo

Bitstrips App – Enjoy Sharing Comics starring YOU ! Off late, I’m sure you have noticed how your Facebook homepage has turned out into looking like the Comics section of your Sunday newspaper. All thanks to the Bitstrips app, a Facebook user can create his or her cartoon avatar, and showcase various incidents via pre-installed “scenes”. Now what’s the fun in that? Nothing! They are just the plain old simple comic strips with cartoon avatars of you and your friends in (mostly) a humorous situation. Read more […]

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How To Boost Productivity With Your Tablet?


Tablets are pretty handy gadgets. They are not only the best devices where you can play games or watch videos, but also extremely useful when it comes to getting the “actual work” done. Yes, there has never been any doubt about how efficient these gadgets have been in providing entertainment! But, among all the arguments, tablets are also great when it comes to packing a productive punch. Wondering about how is this possible? Here are some tactics which can transform your tablet in an effective Read more […]

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