Foresee: The Weather-based Activity Scheduling App

We’ve seen a lot of weather apps! While some have helped us know what the weather of the day will be like, others have helped us decide what to wear. Now, it is BorderLeap, LLC which has come out with an app that will be helping us decide what to do! Normally, we first make a plan and then check how the weather will be like. With Foresee, as the app is called, all you have to do is launch the app – it will itself tell you what to…

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The LG Optimus L3 II E430 and Its Features

LG Optimus L3 II E430

Here is a quick  LG Optimus L3 II review – The new L-Style with LG Optimus L3 II has elegant and smooth design, where the developers have paid attention to even the smallest detail. With its rounded corners and its compact form, the Optimus L3 II is comfortable to hold and very light to carry around in your pocket. Here is a rundown of some if it’s features. The Smartphone’s vital statistics overview It is a Smartphone with HSDPA / HSUPA and with Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean). It has Read…

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Mozilla Is All Set To Launch Its New Tablet- Firefox OS In Early June

firefox os

In a partnership with the Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn, Mozilla is all set to launch its new tablet, Firefox OS. The formal announcement will be made on the 3rd of June, in an event where the two firms will showcase a device that functions on an operating system that is open and web based. Foxconn will become the latest operator to enter into manufacturing operations with Mozilla, and the tablet will be the second production following the recent launch of smartphones that run on Read more […]

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Yahoo’s New Weather App Offers Location Specific Images to display Weather Condition

It is difficult to say what the cloudy afternoon in Minnesota will look like, sitting in Manhattan. The latest standalone weather app for iPhone, released by Yahoo can make it possible with its amazingly clear images to bring out the exact weather condition of a particular city to your iPhone. Image Source : http://www.wired.comAccording to Adam Cahan, the SVP of Mobile at Yahoo, what people do these days is reading about all details regarding weather conditions of a particular area. The Read more […]

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A Chrome Extension to Hide Messages in Photos on Facebook

Facebook is the last site you will trust your secrets with. Things are changing now. Owen Campbell-Moore, the Oxford University student of computer science at Oxford University came up with a special methodology for encryption of secret messages in the photos of Facebook. This new method designed by Moore has been named Secretbook. This is an extension of Google Chrome that takes the help of JPEG Steganography for encoding data in the photos through making almost imperceptible changes in the images. Read more […]

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Self-healing Artificial Leaf is capable of Powering the World

Scientists have always tried to deal with the impending energy crisis but most of their creations could never even leave the laboratory table. But the transformation of Daniel Nocera’s dream project into reality has suddenly opened a lot of avenues and perhaps, has just solved one of the biggest problems of mankind. Nocera, a veteran biochemist, was working on a project the aim of which was to create an “artificial leaf”. In 2011, he unveiled an early version of this leaf. At the ongoing 245th Read more […]

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Your iPhone Will be Charged in 2 Hours: Thanks to a Portable Solar Charger

Solar chargers for many gadgets have already replaced their electrical counterparts. The one created by Brown Dog gadget can charge your phone in only 2 hours. This is a solar array of multiple cells packed in a portable folded package. ‘Brown Dog Gadgets’ has designed this charger to be cheap and simple in its configuration. Three versions of it has already been designed. There are three cells in every model and a USB port for connecting the gadget for charging. The 5-watt version of this solar Read more […]

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“Dash” Can Wirelessly Monitor Your Driving


The overall mission of Dash is to keep your wallet & environment greener. It’s simple. Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. So if we can use them for planning, organizing and shopping, then we might as well use them for driving. Dash is a Blue-tooth device that consumes very little energy, and it can be installed into smart phones to keep a regular track of driving records by analyzing the engine’s computer. How Does ‘Dash’ Work? Dash needs to be plugged into the car Read more […]

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