Five Creative Ways to Use Your Smartphone You Might Have Overlooked


Smartphones have exploded in the last few years, moving from being the exclusive domain of business people to becoming something you buy your daughter for her eleventh birthday. It seems like everyone owns one and has discovered ways to use them. You might have a good grasp of the cool things your phone can do, but we’re willing to bet you haven’t uncovered everything. Here are five ways to use your smartphone that you might have overlooked. image courtesy: Use Your Read more […]

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How To Find The Right Two Way Radios Online

Two Way Radios

Two way radios facilitate communication between individuals or a group of people who are distances apart. There are numerous types of radios. As such, finding the right radio online can be challenging. Potential buyers should avoid this pitfall by following a few evaluation steps that will help them acquire quality radios at favorable prices. You should consider various aspects when finding the right two way radio online. Some of these aspects include radio wattage/power, coverage area, channels, Read more […]

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Six Steps to Building Your Own Smart Home

building your own smart home

A smart home is a house or apartment that integrates technology, especially Wi-Fi Internet, to better manage the functions of that home. While this may sound like something only the very wealthy can afford, you can easily transform your own living space into a smart home as well. Simply use the six steps listed below. 1. Install Smart Locks First, you’ll need to automate your door locks. Add dead-bolts to your doors that can then be connected to a wireless operation system. You’ll then Read more […]

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Five Ways You Can Save Money On Your Monthly Internet Bill

Monthly Internet bills are an expense that few people think about reducing. Most subscribers simply pay the fee and try to cut back in other areas. The reality is that there are different strategies that can be used to lower Internet costs. There are five ways to save money on a monthly Internet bill. Switch Plans Many Internet providers offer several different plans to customers that have varying costs. Switching to a lower tier plan will reduce monthly internet bills. Providers like Read more […]

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What You Need to Know Before Buying Home Security

Home security systems provide a strong layer of protection for a house and family. They can protect against burglaries, fires, and even carbon monoxide leaks. Many different systems are currently available on the market and some are more advanced than other systems. Homeowners who are thinking about buying a home security system should know a few things before making a decision. Identify the Security Needs of the Home The first step should be to determine exactly what types of security are Read more […]

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Four Ways Cell Phones Have Changed Society for the Better

From large clunky handsets to small and elegant devices – cell phones have evolved over the years. These devices are now a common sight on the streets. The changes which they have brought to the society are something only a few people were able to predict in the previous decade. Although it’s debatable whether cell phones have changed society for the better or not, but here are 4 ways which support my idea that cell phones are more of a boon than a curse. Image Source : Easier Read…

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Mashable’s New Android App Shows What’s Currently Viral

In partnership with Samsung, a new mobile app is about to get launched by Mashable. Before the app goes live next week, it has been announced that it will be made available only in the following Galaxy devices – Note II, Tab 3, S III, and S4. The first and foremost feature of the app is its responsively adaptive nature. This means that no matter which device you choose to view the app, you are always going to get a full, unhindered layout. Moreover, the homepage is stitched below the…

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Voice Messaging Is Now A Part Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application, has decided to take its fame a notch further! Already available in almost all the leading mobile operating systems, WhatsApp was founded in the year 2009. It went to become an instant success from the very day of its official launch. Now with more than 300 million active users throughout the globe, WhatsApp has broken itself from just the text-based chats and has introduced voice messaging feature. While the major rivals of WhatsApp (WeChat, Read more […]

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