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Own a Samsung smartphone? Be a fitness freak too – Gear Fit Review

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Among fitness wearables, the Gear Fit is now the reigning champion !

This chic hybrid  between a smartwatch and fitness band has a curved color display, a heart rate monitor, and a slew of apps to track your health. It’s a clever spin on the fitness wearables craze—that is, if you own a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung’s Gear Fit, a fitness tracker that doubles as a smartwatch

Fitness tracking has been embraced by both manufacturers and consumers in the recent years. We’ve seen entries from Nike, Fitbit, Motorola, Jawbone, and Razer all competing for your loyalty and cash. Although this fitness boom has given consumers plenty of options, companies must try that much harder to stand apart.

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Samsung’s Gear Fit – The Design & Colors

It has a unique sci-fi inspired style. The first thing you notice about the Fit is its striking 1.84-inch full color AMOLED touchscreen. A chrome bezel surrounds its rectangular shape, which should be familiar if you own anything from the Galaxy line, and there’s only one physical button to wake up the screen or turn it off.

The rubber strap attaches easily and comes in six colors—black, gray, blue, green, red, and orange—so you can easily match your favorite tracksuit. The Fit’s IP67 rating means it can be submerged in three feet of water for about a half hour or safely drenched in workout sweat.

Underneath there’s a heart-rate sensor and contacts for the charging dock. An easy-to-lose dongle comes included and needs to be attached to the Gear before it can charge via a microUSB AC adapter. You get about 4 to 5 days before it needs to be plugged in.

Smartwatch and Health Monitor

As a smartwatch, the Gear fit focuses on calls and notifications (including third-party apps). When a notification or call comes in, the unit quietly vibrates. From here you either delete, reject, or scroll through and respond with pre-programmed computer speak like “I’ll call you right back” or “I’m in a meeting talk later”. Initial designs had the default horizontal mode that made reading messages an arm twister, but Samsung quickly got the message and updated the Gear Fit with a vertical rotation option. Now one can answer messages, emails, and monitor workouts with a couple of simple swipes.

The Gear Fit Paraphernalia

The Gear Fit comes packed with typical fitness-tracking functions, such as a pedometer, running, walking, cycling and hiking, and with one tap, an integrated heart monitor shows your beats per minute. The latest update gives you a basic sleep tracker—timing how long you sleep and how long your body isn’t moving. If you’re wearing it to bed though, swipe to the right inside the sleep tracker and turn on blocking mode to silence notifications.

The Gear Fit Bottom Line

Given it’s their first entry into fitness tracking, Samsung has done a really great job with the Gear Fit. When the display lights up, it grabs your attention. S Health needs some work and a few other added services would make the Gear Fit a must-have for Samsung smartphone owners.

Price: $200
Smartwatch and Health Monitor – Watch The Gear Fit Video

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