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5 Free and Best iPhone Games Ever

iPhone Games

Five great iPhone games that are free

Mobile gaming has become a new craze with the evolution of smartphones. Almost everybody who owns a smartphone plays games in their free time (even in their not-so-free time). For an average user, this gaming phenomenon is both good and bad.

Good because the innovations in the gaming has been great and quality of the games has been ever-improving. One can’t get enough of mobile games – both Android and iPhone users, these days. It is bad because it has become a huge corporate industry. The element of “FREE” is consistently being reduced, especially in iPhone games.

So to save your time and effort, we have selected five great iPhone games that are free.

Hero Academy

Imagine playing chess with exciting animated characters! But Hero Academy is not only that. It is a step ahead of conventional chess games. It has a flexible set of rules, 1-on-1 encounters, unlocking stuff, different levels – the game’s got it all.

As one would expect, in the free version you will have to bear the advertisements. Also, in the free version there is a limitation on selection of characters. Even so, all this is enough for it to make it a compelling game.

iPhone Games
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Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Super Monsters Ate My Condo defies logic and sequence. It is different from every other tower building game because of the variety. The three genre matches and Jenga style tower construction makes it one of a kind. The cartoons eat buildings, there are explosions, operas and huge obstacles – The game is just crazy and addictive.

Real Racing 3

You didn’t think this list would be complete without a racing game, did you? Real Racing 3 is a simulation racing game (as opposed to arcade racing). The graphics of this game are amazing and they take you in a realm of thrilling, intense and quality car racing action. There are many different car models, race tracks and other diverse features. This game is a real trend setter in iPhone games.


If you are an old timer in iPhone games, you’d remember Pitfall. It used to come in ancient Atari times. However its comeback version has been completely revolutionized. It is somewhat similar to Temple Run. It is an endless running game. In the free version there is only running but if you want to go premium, you will get mine-carts and motorbikes sections as well.

 MazeFinger Plus

You will have to sign up for a Plus+ account, but when you get to play MazeFinger, it is all worth it. The game play is straightforward. You have to drag your finger from the start to the end of each maze – pretty simple? Not really. There is a timer and various hurdles in your path. The game has 200 levels. And don’t say we didn’t warn you – it is fairly addictive.

So in the end all that matters is enjoying. The mobile phone games or iPhone games, are meant to relax you, ease your mind, reduce the stress level and kill your free time. There are several other games that are worth checking out such as Dactyl or iCopter.

And with the next iPhone rumored to have a 4.8 inch display gamers can look forward to an even better gaming experience come September when the new Apple handset will be revealed. So it will only get better!