Monday, September 27, 2021
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Beware: Information in Your Android, Decoded in The Freezer

Have you ever tried keeping your Android mobile in bizarre places? You probably would not like to do much of experiment with it. The German researchers did and the ground breaking result they have come up with has left the world shaken. Your mobile phone is the last thing you would like to keep inside a freezer. According to the German researchers, keeping the android mobile in the freezer actually breaks the phone’s security lock.

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Incidentally or accidentally, the Germans have managed to crack the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android after freezing it. The operating system scrambles user partitions meant for the protection of user information from being accessed and attacked. This can also bypass screen locks.

The world of crime forensic is expected to face potential problem due to this strange discovery. Now the researchers of the Erlangen’s Friedrich-Alexander University are trying their best to crack the functionality that can cause this potential damage.

Already chill down the spine?

The university researchers managed to find out a software named Frost. The name sounds ironical, right? They recently tested their newly innovated software on a smart phone from the house of Samsung galaxy. They could reveal all the important data including the contact details. They could even retrieve photos from the phone memory.

The Procedure to Crack the Code:

It is not difficult at all. All you need to do is just place the android phone inside the freezer for an hour. The temperature must be set at 15 degrees Celsius. The phone must be kept inside, keeping it switched on. You will have to reset the mobile quickly after removing the battery for around half a second. The smart phones have several keys to use for a quick re-booting.

At this moment, the phone has to be connected to the software newly created by the German researchers. This will access the phone memory and the entire content can be downloaded in this manner. The entire process is not difficult at all. So, what are you planning for? A quick try? Best of luck. Get started.