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Bigger Pins and Other Changes on Pinterest for Easy Navigation

Jason Wilson, the lead product designer in Pinterest had informed about the change in the site’s design in one of his blog posts. The change that has been brought on this photo-sharing/social networking site is expected to make the site even more user-friendly and engaging. According to Mr. Wilson, the tweak in the design shall make Pinterest easier to navigate.

image source: brineydeepdesigns.blogspot.in
image source: brineydeepdesigns.blogspot.in

The aim of re-designing the site was to enrich the user experience. However, the members would not have to storm their brains to understand the technical changes that have been brought in. Along with all the other changes, one of the distinct changes that have been made in the site is the pins’ sizes which have been made a little bigger. In the following few paragraphs, we will cast light on some of the other changes..

A closer view of the pins will help users find the content of their choice easily. The users can view the entire board without leaving the page. What else is pinned on a certain item can also be seen. Pinned items from a particular website can be found easily.

There is a bookmark tool that has been added in response to users’ feedback. When users click on an item while browsing pins, the back button is there to take them to the previous place and not at the beginning of the page.

Additional updates for Android applications and iOS is there to reflect all changes.

A button will be there at the top left, just next to the search bar. Users can get a wide range of categories there like, art, animals and design.

Why is this change required?

In January, a change was proposed for the Beta version of the site, but the proposal faced stiff arguments. Samantha Murphy from Mashable opined that the new design of the site might prove to be a bit difficult to use for a few members, but the entire thing will make it eye-soothing which could eventually make it easier to find new contents on the site.

The change in the site’s design has got mixed reactions from the social networkers. There are people who think such change is redundant. Lauren Bubser from SocialNicole thinks the changes brought in to the Pinterest site were not required at all. Though it looks more organized, the tweak cannot be called a “game-changer” one.

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