Monday, September 27, 2021
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BitTorrent Sync is now Available for Public Use

When the much talked-about syncing app BitTorrent Sync was launched back in January this year, only 20 thousand users gained early access to test it out. In the next two months which followed, more than 200 terabytes of data has already been synced. The phenomenal success of the BitTorrent Sync (which was till now just in the pre-Alpha stage) made sure that BitTorrent Sync in the Alpha stage will get released soon. But no one expected it to be available to everyone just a few months after its initial release.

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What is BitTorrent Sync all about?

It is a simple data syncing app which can be downloaded free of cost. As of now, it is supported by both Linux and Windows machines. It needs to be installed on two or more computers. After the installation is complete, just specify a folder which needs to get synced and secure it with a password (or a code key). Once you enter the password on the other computers as well, all the files in that folder will be copied efficiently (and the speed is fast) through the peer-to-peer network of BitTorrent.

What are the benefits of using BitTorrent Sync?

#1. Fast & Unlimited file-syncing: The number of files you have the option to sync between two devices is unlimited. This means that you can share files and folders with family members and friends. Moreover, BitTorrent Sync is based on peer-to-peer system and does not need a pit stop in the cloud. As a result, the file transfer will take place at the maximum speed supported by the network you are using.

#2. File transfer is Secure: The file transfers done on BitTorrent Sync are encrypted, and all your data gets the protection of encrypted keys. No information gets stored in the cloud and everything stays on the device itself.

#3. No Problems with Bigger files: You do not have to worry and take extra pain in compressing high-quality large files in order to share them via BitTorrent Sync. The design of this app is such that it can easily handle the large-sized files without causing any hindrance or hassle.

BitTorrent Sync is not available as a mobile app yet, but it surely will be in near future. So what will you use it for? Leave your thoughts in comments.