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Breakthrough Innovation of Braille Smartphone Will Transform Communication by Visually Impaired

Despite all its high end features, smartphone has failed to prove beneficial for a large part of the world. Visual impairment is one problem that does not allow a large section of the society to enjoy all the benefits of smartphones.


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Apps have started being designed specifically for the benefit of people with troubled vision. Siri and SayText are examples of such apps that are good for the assistance of such people. An India based company, Kryate has announced the creation of a new state of the art Braille enabled smartphone that will take the calling experience of people with seeing disabilities to another level. Sumit Dagar, developped this new device with the assistance of L V Prasad Eye Institute of Hyderabad and IIT- Delhi.

The device that is yet to get officially named has a screen full of grid of pins. Characters comprising these pins move up and down to display the sms texts or email messages. The device is run on the basis of a technoloogy called Shape Memory Alloy technology in which each of the pins expands and again contracxts to its original flat position. Dagar describes this as the first ever braille smartphone, which can become something beyond a phone and a mindblowing companion to its owner.

Dagar is a graduate in interaction design from National Institute of Design or NID. The idea, on which work has already been started, was born three years back. Dagar has started works on creating the prototype of the model in collaboration with IIT, Delhi. L V Prasad Eye Institute will be testing the first ever braille smartphone. Dagar hope for the product to be in the market by the end of 2013. The initial price of the product is going to be around $185.

Preeviously, mobile users with poor eyesight needed to depend largely on vibrations, squeaks, voice commands and beep sounds. The breakthrough venture by Kryate will create tangible letters and words for enabling the user to read the texts by touching those pins. Like normal mobiles, this phone will also make sound and vibrate while going through certain functionalities.