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Can Sony's New Tablet PC Launch Beat Apple's iPad? Wait and Watch

Hoping for the 2nd place in the market for the product that is not even launched is really a audacious dream! I am talking about Sony, who is to launch Tablet and expecting to beat Apple’s iPad… Who is simply ruling the market having the features that are simply BEST!

Well, dreams come true too… to check that out you need to wait for its launch and marketing. But before that you can take a look at the features and the “why to choose factor”

Operating System – it is going to use Google Android 3.0 OS.

Compatibility – Wi-Fi and 3G/4G compatible. Play station games can be played.

Tablet names – (Product) – right now Sony is to launch S1 and S2.

Display – S1 has the screen size of 9.4 inch.

S2 has the screen size of 5.5 inch having a folding option.


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Kunimasa Suzuki – deputy president of “consumer products and services” is of the opinion that the sale of S1 and S2 will outweigh the sale of android powered iPad by 4 times. Between 2011 and 2015 they are expecting to get a sale of about 294 million units!

The main difference SONY is claiming is its looks and design. The recent share it holds in the market is 2.1 percent.

The biggest competitor of iPad in the market is no one but SAMSUNG’s GALAXY TAB! But, LG, HTC, MOTOROLA are also playing well, now we need to wait to find it out whether SONY can beat them to get the goal along with the goalkeeper – APPLE!!