Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Facebook Introduces Its Replica Of Snapchat

The social networking giant, Facebook bites dust with its attempt to launch the resemblance of “Snapchat”. Recently losing the bid to buy the popular Snapchat app, Facebook has reportedly developed its personalized identical copy of the app and named it “Slingshot”. With features quiet resembling to those of the latter,

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Telegram UI

How is Telegram App different from WhatsApp

A comparative analysis between Telegram app and Whatsapp This comparison  is especially for those instant messaging loyalists who are looking out for alternatives ever since Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook.   Among many other instant messaging apps available in the market, is a cross-platform messaging app called Telegram – it’s USP (Unique Selling

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Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion

WhatsApp’s jaw-dropping $19 billion price tag & what Facebook gained from it

Is WhatsApp at all worth $19 Billion? If we go by the regular financial metrics, the reply would be an obvious ‘of course not’! But in spite of the bold reply, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thought otherwise! In fact, on announcing the deal he referenced this specifically: “There are countries [such as] Korea

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