Benefits of Mobile Applications in Education

app for education

Over the years, technology has revealed the potential to upgrade various sectors in society and education is one of them. Education has been transformed drastically due to the advancement in technology. The teaching strategies based on educational technology can be described as ethical practices that facilitate the students’ learning and boost their productivity, capacity, and performance. Here are some reasons how technology is improving education Entertainment Use of multimedia like animations, Read more […]

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4 Social Sites You Can Use To Share Your Ideas

Image Courtesy: Choosing the right social media platform is now a concern among all, be it a business owner or a writer. Today, there are so many popular social sharing sites available like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ that it is difficult to choose the best out of them. Therefore, before opening an account, users always show concern pertaining to the features that a social platform will bring. Here is a list of … popular social sharing sites you would like to Read more […]

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Does “Snapchat” Win Over The Ultimate “Whatsapp”?

As we all agree, the launch of Whatsapp application was the most epic thing in the world of cell phones. It boomed the Smartphone usage overnight. Whatsapp is one of those basic applications that made smartphones soo much more indispensable. Now, it’s more like they survive for each other. The instant transfer application rocked the world all over. We all rushed to download Whatsapp on our Smartphone. We didn’t have to wait long to find our entire contact list on it. It was launched as a free Read more […]

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Facebook Introduces Its Replica Of Snapchat

The social networking giant, Facebook bites dust with its attempt to launch the resemblance of “Snapchat”. Recently losing the bid to buy the popular Snapchat app, Facebook has reportedly developed its personalized identical copy of the app and named it “Slingshot”. With features quiet resembling to those of the latter, SlingShot hit the App store a few days back only for a few minutes in certain regions. This was pretty much a teaser as the app was immediately pulled down. Later Facebook Read more […]

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Your Gadgets Effect Your Image at Work

With every advancement in technology, there is an advancement in the gadgets we use. We desire that brand new toy in the market, and automatically, any individual who is successful to get it before we do rises in his status holdings. It now holds the eternal key to coolness. That latest iPhone or Tablet is the neighbors envy and the owners pride. We are proud to flaunt about our hi-tech assets and relish the jealousy of our friends and colleagues. But how does it really affect your image at work?…

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Mixed Reactions To The Release Of Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is definitely more streamlined than its predecessor. It has more robust tech specs and offers a rich assortment of features, including a fingerprint scanner and water resistance. However, it’s taking some criticism for having a casing constructed of poor materials, which gives it a cheaper look and feel. Samsung Galaxy S5 versus Galaxy S4 The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a more solid phone than the Galaxy S4, that’s for sure, and looks more well-packaged because of it’s wider back Read more […]

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HTC DESIRE 816 – One Of The Best Value Smartphones Ever


A photo lover’s dream – HTC DESIRE 816 HTC had been constantly focusing on the high end market for quite some time now, with different renditions of their popular flagship, the HTC One, which went through significant upgrades in the last few years. However, with the competition growing in the mid-range market, along with the steady decline in revenues for HTC, the popular Taiwanese giant has gone back to its roots : the mid-range smartphone market. HTC Desire 816, which was recently unveiled Read more […]

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Motorola’s turn to unveil its Android Wear Smartwatch: the Moto 360

moto 360

MOTO  360 WATCH – A quick Review: Watch out, Samsung Galaxy Gear ! Because Motorola is all geared to take head-on with Samsung’s premium Bluetooth watch, which is currently priced at, well, a hefty sum for which you could probably get yourself an Armani ! With the vision of making a compelling device, Motorola has chosen to stick to the conventional design of watches and has come up with something completely unexpected. Presenting the Moto 360, a Bluetooth device which looks, feels and most Read more […]

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