Latest Samsung Mobile – Features, Prices and What You Need to Know

samsung mobile price

Is a Samsung mobile phone in your wish list this year? Well good for you! Samsung is considered to be one of the biggest players in the smartphone world now. What’s best is that they never stop experimenting with their product design. In addition, the company also dominates the Android landscape with its wide range of price options. So that means, you too have got plenty of options to compare the Samsung mobile price and then buy a model that best fits your budget as well as your interest. Which…

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Geekbench leaks Nokia comeback!

Geekbench leaks Nokia comeback! Nokia is set to make a comeback in the global smartphone market.Latest reports confirm the company is working on at least two Android devices, specifications of which were leaked on Geekbench. The smartphones are called Nokia 5320 and Nokia RM-1490. Nokia 5320 is supposed to come with better specifications as compared to Nokia RM-1490. Leaks suggest a 2.27GHz quad-core processor coupled with 2GB RAM. It runs an old Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS. Nokia RM-1490 Read more […]

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Mobile-First Website Design Features Defined

Mobile Website Design

When customers ask you about mobile website design, it’s likely they’re initiating a real difficult project or so it seems! These mobile-based sites would probably conquer desktop version in the next four or five years; considering the rapid pace of smart device release and user preference. With ongoing development, responsive design is currently the best solution for mobile-friendly browsing experience. Mobile-only or M-dot sites provide limited view to that of a full-scale desktop version. Most Read more […]

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HTC and Windows Join To Give Nokia A Tough Competition

Earlier it was Android and now it is Windows. For a while, we have linking Microsoft Windows to Nokia Lumia. The latest arrival of HTC One M8 (I am not talking about the Android version) that has broken our tendency to pair Windows phones with Nokia. The now Windows phone of HTC – the One , is a thoughtful and well constructed phone that comes with fantastic features inside-out. Image Courtesy: Indeed, the new HTC phone is the one.  If you are planning to buy, a Windows platform Read…

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Battle Within: Moto e Versus Moto g

moto battle

Ever since the dawn in the history of mobile phones, Motorola has been widely known for bringing up high quality mobile phones. It was Martin Cooper, Motorola’s former Vice President and Division General Manager, also the inventor of the first portable handset in the world. He was the first person to make a call in his portable cell phone in the year 1973 to Joel Engel, his arch rival and the Head Research of Bell Labs. Today forty-one years later, Motorola is back with a bang! That too with Read…

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Top 5 Chinese Android Phones that Support 4G LTE

Here are the best 5 Chinese phones that either do or have confirmed that in the future will support 4G LTE. This should be an eye opener for the naysayers who are always skeptical about the emergence of Chinese smart phones. 1. Oppo Find 7 Image Courtesy: The first standout feature about Oppo Find 7 is that it is the only phone apart from LG G3 that has QHD display. Its screen is a 5.5 inch marvel with 2560 X 1440 display. The battery has been upgraded to complement…

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Top 5 BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry Apps

Here is a quick list of Top 5 BlackBerry Apps With the help of BlackBerry smart phones you can not only make calls but also work with e-mail and other official requirements. These devices are actively developing now in multimedia direction. In this post we will look through the best BlackBerry apps both for relaxation and business. BlackBerry Protect Smart phones RIM BlackBerry protect data, which you transfer through links (all e-mail letters, calls) but for better level of security you will Read more […]

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Adobe’s New Photoshop CC for Surface Pro 3

Adobe flaunts its new touch optimized version of Photoshop on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Launch. This version is designed for the Surface Pro 3. Ever since, we are caught in awe with its smooth functioning and all mouths in appreciation of the all new Adobe Photoshop CC. At Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 launch event, Adobe allowed us a sneak peek of the new touch-optimized version of Photoshop CC. Image Courtesy: The air was filled with excitement, as Michael Gough, Read more […]

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