Thursday, December 2, 2021
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“Dash” Can Wirelessly Monitor Your Driving


The overall mission of Dash is to keep your wallet & environment greener. It’s simple.

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. So if we can use them for planning, organizing and shopping, then we might as well use them for driving. Dash is a Blue-tooth device that consumes very little energy, and it can be installed into smart phones to keep a regular track of driving records by analyzing the engine’s computer.

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How Does ‘Dash’ Work?

Dash needs to be plugged into the car and synced with the iOS device. It is an app that creates a new and unique profile every time it is plugged into a different car. It automatically connects with the company’s website to allow users to track their costs and trends.

It is true that there are numerous other apps available in the market that serve this same end. Dash, however, is a little different. It seeks to improve the driver’s experience during his trip rather than after it. It seamlessly merges with the dashboard of the car and provides regular updates regarding mileage and fuel usage.

Users can also receive alerts that notify them of instances when the car is troubleshooting. With the availability of an online database, users can compare their charts with others and discover more novel ways of saving money. By using DashCam, users can even record videos of trips by mounting the smartphone on top of the windshield or dashboard.

The device can be ordered on Kickstarter and is priced at 69 dollars.