Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Facebook All Set To Launch Its New Location-Sharing App

Social media giant Facebook is all set to launch its new location sharing app, which is a new software development that will keep a tab on the user’s location and deliver that information to enlisted friends.

Bloomberg reports that this new app will be launched by the middle of March and will function even when it is not in use on the users’ phones. For instance, Facebook user Jamie will get a message stating that Mary is in the neighborhood even when neither of them are logged onto the app.

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Prior to this, Facebook had experimented with a similar “Find Friends Nearby” app last summer. This mobile app was designed to help users meet new people quickly, as in, users could effortlessly locate another person they had met previously at a gathering or party without confusing the person with other members of the search result, and add him/her to their friend list.

Facebook was, however, accused of stealing this idea from Friendthem, and removed this feature from its list of mobile apps very shortly.

This new app would be analogous to other location-sharing apps like Highlight and Glancee which function in the backdrop of the users’ phones. For instance, Highlight analyzes the information of Facebook users, and notifies them when they are near friends or people with whom they share mutual friends and interests.

Glancee was acquired by Facebook in May last year. The engineering team of Glancee has now been employed by Facebook to create products and apps for the site’s user community by and large.

With the recent launch of the Search Graph, and now the release of this new app for finding friends, Facebook seems all set to doggedly pursue its aim of helping people connect.