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Facebook Introduces Its Replica Of Snapchat

The social networking giant, Facebook bites dust with its attempt to launch the resemblance of “Snapchat”.

Recently losing the bid to buy the popular Snapchat app, Facebook has reportedly developed its personalized identical copy of the app and named it “Slingshot”. With features quiet resembling to those of the latter, SlingShot hit the App store a few days back only for a few minutes in certain regions. This was pretty much a teaser as the app was immediately pulled down. Later Facebook put forth an excuse that the launch was just an “accident” and the real launch will occur in near future.

Though not yet declared, people now look forward to the winner of the battle-o-apps in the sooner days to come.

The Facebook “Poke” App


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It’s said that Snapchat refused to be sold out to Facebook at the offered deal of 3MD. About a month prior to this “accidental” launch, the Financial Times reported that Facebook was desperately trying to come up with its version of video app.

Previously, in 2012 Facebook developed the Poke application on similar lines. It enabled users to send videos, messages and photos. It was named after the synonymous Poke feature of Facebook itself, where people could only “poke” their friends. In case of the Poke app,the sender could even set time limitations to the data transferred as per the duration for which they wanted it to be visible to the recipient. The messages sent via. Poke would get deleted from the devices once the set time elapsed.

However, it wasn’t as successful as its other predecessors and was soon defamed as a “sexting app”. Like its messages Poke itself vanished from the app stores fast after its release. It all happened so very quick that some of us are not sure that it ever existed.

The Slingshot Application

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Slingshot is also quiet the same but developed as a far closer clone of Snapchat. On Slingshot a message will be known as a “sling”. To read or view a sling it would require the recipient to sling a reply. This is the prime feature that Facebook claims will heighten the popularity of Slingshot.

What we smell is rather suspicious,as the “accidental” launch appears to be an eye ball grabbing publicity act. Could all this really be an accident or a deliberate advertisement? Well, with all the work that goes behind the development and the eventual launch, it is rather tough not to believe otherwise. Now, there are also the possibilities of some serious bugs that were detected post launch.

Psst.. Some even say that the greater the wardrobe malfunction the wider the press coverage.

The truth be whatever, it did create the talk around the town for sure.

Now, will this endeavor really be the final blow in the face of Snapchat, is something that we should wait and watch-out for.