Facebook Now Allows Users To Record Videos, Share Them And Send Voice Messages

Facebook Now Allows Users To Record Videos, Share Them And Send Voice Messages
image source: mashable.com

Facebook recently upgraded the iOS app to the next level, version 5.4, introducing a set of new features in something that has been touted to be one of the layered and complex developments in the world of mobile apps.

This update is very similar to iOS’s Voice Memos, allowing users to record, send and share voice messages with friends. Users can also record and share videos by using this app.

Previously, users could send voice messages with duration of a minute by using the Facebook Messenger App, but its functionality has now been taken over by the main app.

Users can now send voice messages simply by tapping on the plus button that appears beneath the tab marked Messages. Following this, they need to click on the Record tab in order to record their messages. Once it has been recorded, it will be automatically sent to friends, unless the user presses the Off tab, in which case, the recording is canceled altogether.

Along with voice and video functionality, there has also been a marked improvement on the Nearby Tab that allows users to view a list of the local businesses that are available in his present location.

This move can be seen as Facebook’s attempt take on Twitter’s Vine that is fast gaining popularity among users as well as business communities. What remains to be seen is whether Facebook can really deliver with this new development, or whether it will fall flat like its previous features, namely Poke.

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