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Facebook Unveils Graph Search, a New Social Search Tool

Graph Search, a social search tool launched by Facebook on Tuesday in California allows members to search their connections and gather information about common interests and view photos and picture galleries.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the graph search is very different from normal web search. For instance, you have to enter “rock music” in the search bar of any search engine to get the necessary results, but with tools like the Search Graph, all you have to do is type ”My friends in OC who listen to rock music” and get detailed results about friends, events, pictures and more.

This Graph Search bar will be placed just below the header and will be bigger in size than the present one. This feature also allows users to edit the title of the result page, thereby creating a customized view for their particular interest.


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While the original design of this social networking site was to allow users to browse profiles and make new friends, Facebook Graph Search has been created with the intent to reconnect people with their roots, find friends with common interests, and make new acquaintances with people having shared preoccupations.

This feature obviously comes with privacy settings. Viewers will be allowed access only that information which has been formally shared. Users can also review their photos and hide or delete posts that they do not wish to show any more.

Though this feature is available only to a limited number of US based users, enthusiasts can always register their names and wait for their chance to use the search tool.

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