Monday, September 27, 2021
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Facebook’s New Messenger App Allows You To Make Free Calls To Friends

There’s good news for iPhone users. Users of the auto-updated app called Facebook Messenger can now make cost-free voice calls to friends registered on the networking site by using their Wi-Fi or data connection.

This feature was launched in the U.S on Wednesday, 16th January. The new addition is a “free calling” tab in the present structure. Users do not have to manually update the present version to avail of this new service. This feature has been upgraded in the very database of the app.

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Free calls can be made by simply tapping on the icon “i” that appears on the head section on the right-hand side of the chat menu. All your friends need to do is to install this stand-alone Messenger application to make and receive calls. If they do not have this software in their phones, then the button for ‘Free Call’ will appear as gray, and will be marked out. These calls will have the same feel and look as conventional voice calls made from iPhones.

This feature was launched in Canada in early January, along with updates for the company’s Android and iOS apps that enables users to forward voice messages to their listed friends.

The success of this app is yet to be proven and only friendly-user experience can help to give this feature a marked advantage over Skype.