Monday, September 27, 2021
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Firefox 18’s Latest Version Comes With Retina Support, WebRTC And Faster JavaScript Engine

On Tuesday, Mozilla officially launched the new version of the Firefox browser, Firefox 18, designed for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. The new additions are comprised of a better JavaScript compiler, retina support for Mac, and a preliminary WebRTC.

While the installers are available on the FTP servers of the organization, version 18 of Firefox is officially available on Users of the old version can upgrade it automatically.


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The most important addition has been the inclusion of a new JavaScript compiler named Ionmonkey. Designers have promised that with this new compiler, there would be significant improvements in displaying web games and apps, and pages which take a long time to load.

The upgraded version of Firefox for Android has been updated on Google’s Play Store. There are now additional features like opt-in search recommendations in the search bar, more famously known as Awesome Bar. Mozilla guarantees to safeguard user data by using a secure network for search activities.

Firefox 18 comes with good support for Retina displays of very high resolution. It has also incorporated a revamped algorithm to scale images. This will undoubtedly improve the image quality of those sites which rely upon in-browser scaling.

Audio chats and real-time videos are supported by the WebRTC, which forms the basic communication framework of the browser.

The browser has also been designed for mobile usage, and has new anti-malware and anti-phissing features which warns users about malicious websites. Another feature of the browser is that it has been integrated with search widgets like Google Now.

However, this version does not contain a new in-built PDF reader. Designers are working on it, and it will be incorporated in the beta version that will be launched on Thursday.