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Five Creative Ways to Use Your Smartphone You Might Have Overlooked


Smartphones have exploded in the last few years, moving from being the exclusive domain of business people to becoming something you buy your daughter for her eleventh birthday. It seems like everyone owns one and has discovered ways to use them. You might have a good grasp of the cool things your phone can do, but we’re willing to bet you haven’t uncovered everything. Here are five ways to use your smartphone that you might have overlooked.

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Use Your PC

Most Android phones have similar capabilities to a traditional PC, but what about when you actually need to access your PC? Apps such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Manager or Splashtop Remote Viewer let you see your PC’s screen from anywhere in the world. If your phone wasn’t powerful enough with Android, it will be with Windows!

Replace Your Wallet

Mobile payment technologies are on the cusp of widespread adoption. Services from PayPal, American Express, Google and other companies have begun to hit the market. With an app such as Isis Mobile Wallet or Google Wallet, you can leave your wallet at home and just tap your smartphone to make purchases.

Measure Your Heart Rate

If you’re into fitness, you’ve probably seen the standalone heart rate monitors – but did you know your smartphone can do the same thing? If your device has a camera, which every smartphone from does, then you can use an app to let the camera track your heart rate.

Watch Live Sports

Perhaps you’re not as interested in participating in sports as you are into watching them. It used to be the case that you needed to be near cable TV or a sports bar to catch the game, but smartphones have made that disappear. With a smartphone and an app such as NBA League Pass, you can watch live sports on your phone from anywhere.

Control Your TV

Smart remotes are popular but pricey. You can save your money and let your smartphone do the work. Most cable providers allow you to download apps that let your smartphone talk to your cable box and control your TV!

The tips here aren’t the end-all guide to using your device. Instead, they’ll help you maximize your smartphone. If nothing else, hopefully it helps to illustrate that smartphones are amazing – the point that we never really know everything they’re capable of.

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