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Five Ways by which Huawei can be the Next Samsung

Five Ways by which Huawei can be the Next Samsung
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When in 2011 the CEO of Huawei Device, Wan Biao, announced the goal of the company to be considered as one of the top 3 Smartphone brands in the world within the next four years, no one ever imagined that it would accomplish it by 2013. Huawei is now the third largest Smartphone maker – standing just behind Samsung and Apple.

In the global Smartphone market, Apple and Samsung are the giants. The promise made by Huawei, therefore brings up speculations that it has every possibility to usurp Samsung and take the No.1 position in the near future.

However, the road to the top is never easy. It definitely was not for Samsung nor was it for Apple Inc. and Huawei’s is not any exception. But there are certain ways which can help it keep a steady momentum and help it climb higher:

#1. Showing Promise with the Features:
Huawei Smartphones are equipped with unique elements like a 2X zoom which does not compromise with picture quality, and“magic touch” feature which lets users to touch the screen even if they are wearing gloves. Moreover, Huawei is also working hard to develop its own operating system to be used in the Smartphones.

#2. Having the Largest Smartphone Display:
Huawei claims that the Huawei Ascend Mate’s 6.1 inch HD display is the largest display for a Smartphone till date. Although the launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV is knocking at the door, Huawei Ascend Mate will still remain the champion.

#3. Outperforming in Speed and Scale:
While comparing Huawei Ascend P2 to a Samsung Galaxy S III, it was found that a P2 takes 25% less time to charge, uses 20% less power, is 30% more efficient, and has faster upload/download speeds than an S III.

#4. Creating a Connection with Everyone:
It is important for Huawei to take a page out of Samsung’s own play-book and start advertising in airports, retail shops, sports events and everywhere where people heavily rely on their Smartphones. Their “Make it Possible” tagline is also catching up quickly.

#5. Having a Wide Range of Customers:
Unlike Apple which takes pride in being a luxury brand, Huawei has introduced several tiers into which its products are divided. These tiers are Y-series (Affordability), G-series (Value), P-series (Fashion), and D-series (Technology). With a variety of choices, it is easier for Huawei to attract a wide range of customers.

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