Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Foresee: The Weather-based Activity Scheduling App

We’ve seen a lot of weather apps! While some have helped us know what the weather of the day will be like, others have helped us decide what to wear. Now, it is BorderLeap, LLC which has come out with an app that will be helping us decide what to do!

Normally, we first make a plan and then check how the weather will be like. With Foresee, as the app is called, all you have to do is launch the app – it will itself tell you what to do. It is equipped with the capability to make its own decisions, based on the weather conditions and the information you’ve provided.

Foresee App

The design makes it easy to set up the app. You’ll be provided with a list of activities. Select the ones that you enjoy doing, and enter the necessary details like, your favorable times and ideal conditions in a day. It should be kept in mind that the quality of the recommendations from the app completely depends on the amount of information you have provided. More the information, the better are the results. Once you have entered your favorite activities and Foresee has taken the weather of the day into account, it will let you know which activities are ideal for you and at which times of the day. For instance, Foresee will let you know which the best time is if you plan to go for a run.

Although it took me only a couple of minutes, but the time taken to set up the app might be turning a few people off. However if you are a little patient, Foresee might prove to be one of the most helpful apps this year. After all, it’s frustrating to see your plans getting spoiled due to unfavorable weather conditions. And when you have an app which can save your day, why not take its full advantage?

Foresee is available at an amount of $0.99. It is only available for iOS right now, but the developers are planning to extend it to Android devices as soon as possible.