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Four Ways Cell Phones Have Changed Society for the Better

From large clunky handsets to small and elegant devices – cell phones have evolved over the years. These devices are now a common sight on the streets. The changes which they have brought to the society are something only a few people were able to predict in the previous decade.

Although it’s debatable whether cell phones have changed society for the better or not, but here are 4 ways which support my idea that cell phones are more of a boon than a curse.


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Easier To Stay In Touch

One of the most positive impacts cell phones have had on society is bringing people closer. There was a time just a couple of decades back when it was impossible to reach a person when he or she was out out of home. Most people now carry a phone inside the pocket or bag whenever they are leaving home. This makes it easy to stay connected with friends and family members.

Handle Emergencies from Anywhere

A major benefit which society got from cell phones is the ability to handle emergencies from anywhere. With the wireless service, people can call for help as soon as an emergency like a fire breakout or a car accident occurs without having to leave the scene to find a phone. People with mobile devices are always only one-key press away from finding help. Cell phones have also made it easy for children and family members to contact a person instantly if a problem suddenly comes into existence.

Single Business Platform

Cell phones have had a positive effect on the business aspects of society. Cell phones have created a single business platform that can be targeted by companies. The BlackBerry OS and other software platforms have made it possible to bring business to the mobile devices. This, in turn, increases the productivity for workers. It is also starting to allow consumers to use cell phones as electronic wallets or browsing devices that can bring up discounts instantly while shopping.

Lower Communication Costs

Communicating across long distances each day was once very expensive. The explosion in the number of cell phone buyers has lowered this cost dramatically. It is common to find unlimited talking plans with few limits within the country. Data plans are also becoming cheaper as faster networks are put into place. This has made electronic communication a lot inexpensive. And the costs will only continue to drop as technology advances in the future.

Cell phones are continuing to evolve into miniature computers with smart technologies. The future of the devices is not clear although they are set to become smaller, more powerful and more connected to other devices. What ever may be the case, there is one thing which is for certain – cell phones are now a permanent part of society, and they are here to stay!

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