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Setting up Google’s Chromecast – A Review

chromecast review

Chromecast Review:

Let us first understand what is this most talked about latest IT gadget from google all about.

So what is Chromecast and how does it look like?

The latest chromecast is a new google product that resembles a little dongle and fits snugly in an HDMI port rather than the usual USB socket.

According to chromecast reviews, all you have to do is  plug it into your TV and it lets you stream from Netflix, YouTube and other sources. Therefore by spending couple of extra dollars, around $35 or so, you can turn your old TV set into a brand new one with a lot more modern features added to it – all thanks to the magical dongle!! Simply put, Chromecast makes it easy to enjoy all of your favorite online content on a TV screen with the simple press of a button on your phone, tablet or laptop.

chromecast review
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Chromecast – Size And Design:

The Google Chromecast dongle is a bit larger than a USB flash memory stick. although, according to chromecast reviews available in the market, it isn’t just a dumb stick, but a miniature computer in itself. But don’t worry, Chromecast is not about getting Android – or even Chrome – on your TV. It’s much simpler than that  and ever more useful for the average person.

Just Jam it into your TV or home cinema receiver, get it hooked up to your home network and your non-smart TV or home cinema setup will suddenly get streaming abilities!

How to set up Chromecast on your own:

While we are on the topic of chromecast review, there are certain things you need to know about and check out too before you go ahead to buy this miracle gadget for your home theater setup. Keep the following things on mind:


  • The Chromecast needs its own power supply. It requires a 5.1V 850mA supply. Although, it can be powered by some TVs, though. Check your model to make sure.


  • You do get a power supply in the box in case your TV can’t power it, but you’ll need to set aside a socket.


  • The dongle itself is also a bit chunky – more so than an HDMI cable – however, there are some US versions that comes with a little cable extender to help out.


  • Google Chromecast does not come with a remote control at all. So you basically use a phone or tablet that acts as the middle man between streaming services like Netflix and your TV.


  • Although this is a Google product and therefore plays well with Android, it does work perfectly well with Apple products like the iPhone 5S and iPad Air too.


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