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Google Glass: Follows Your Voice Commands for Mailing or Streaming Video Live

After mobile computing, the next best thing is probably going to be eye wear computing. The future with Google glasses has a strong possibility of taking wearable gadgets a step further. The device generated a lot of excitement back in 2012 when the concept was brought to the potential market. Day to day activities are performed by this device, while you do not even use your hands. The company is adding to the excitement by disclosing the mind blowing features of it.

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Capture Photo and Stream Video with Google Glass: Did you ever imagine that even your spectacles can take pictures or record videos? So, you can frame an object, simply by looking at it, that too on the go. The Google glasses are able to do that successfully. You would not have to keep your finger tips ready for clicking at the right moment. So, now you can take snapshots even when engrossed in other tasks.

This is not all. The glasses will also allow live video streaming through the eyes of the wearer. This feature is very useful when used by sky divers, wall walkers and cyclists. The live video can be streamed on the social network of Google live. The photos and videos can be stored in its 4GB flash memory.

Online Search by Google Glass: You do not need to do online searches on your own. You just need to ask your Google glasses to do it on your behalf and it will be done quite efficiently. Android system of Google has a feature that do voice search. After taking your command, the glasses will look up for the specific information on Google. The device allows you to mail or reply to messages just through voice commands.

In Synch with Internet Speaker Technology: Apart from the built-in camera, these glasses can also boast of a microphone that connects to Internet through a wireless connection. The device is attached with a small display attached to the right rim of the glasses. The display screen will remain just above the right eye. The widely used Google Maps will also be accessible for planning your journey.

This device is run on Android operating system for mobiles. That is why, the devices almost in the same way smart phones do. The only exception is its ability to responding to voice commands. So, now your glasses will wait for your instruction and once it is given, it will just follow it in no time.

Having been able to explore all these state of the art features of Google glasses, if you are still planning to keep the style quotient high, you can just browse through the cool shades in which the glasses are available. You can select from gray, black, red, white and blue. They also have removable shades. You will be getting all these at only $1500. This should not appear to be a huge price for something that is more than a smart phone.

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