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Google Glasses Have the New Competitor in Sony HMD

It seems Google is going to lose its monopoly in the HMD market pretty soon. Sony is working on its own version of head mounted display eye wears. A patent application has revealed that these soon-to-become-reality devices are going through a steady process of being created for the mass. This is the first time Sony is applying for the patent of an HMD for general computing. Their previous ventures were all aimed at future gaming. The patent application published on March 21, 2013 reveals that Sony is constantly working on the project since 2008. Unlike Google’s glasses, this pair has the capability to display information for both the eyes.

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This is not the first time Sony is planning to come up with an ambitious project of this sort. A patent published in 2012 revealed its take on an HMD that looked more like the devices shown in sci-fi movies. That had two separate displays for each eyes instead of two lenses connected by a bridge. That was nothing more than a concept.

The recent patent is about a pair of glasses that have the traditional frames. The pop-up display is placed behind the lenses. Two different displays have two ear buds mounted on the arms. The patent does not reveal much about the device other than that, it is a 2D interface. It has movable screens that can be adjusted according the wearer’s convenience.

Sony is in the field of creating HMDs for quite some time. It has its entertainment devices like, HMZ-T2 3D Viewer, to its credit. The recent patent filed in March is a continuation of the one filed in 2008. Patents filed by the company in last few years show its ultimate devotion in creating the futuristic glasses for making computing innovative and easier. So, Google glasses can sense its competitors around. The war is on to grab the space in front of your eyes.

All the high end glass makers are exposed to a brand-new completely unexplored market. There might be a number of other companies silently creeping into the world of making computer glasses. The one who will jump into this field first, will reap the maximum benefit. Google has the advantage of being always connected to loads of information. Sony has an experience of building high end hardware for last 50 years. So, both are on equal grounds to battle it out.