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Google Reader Users Migrating To Feedly Crosses The 500,000 Mark

The news aggregator Feedly that promised to help users of Google Reader make a seamless transition, already has 500,000 Reader users availing of its services. Google Reader is all set to shut down on the 1st of July.

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The official Feedly blog page states that the software has recorded the influx of more than 500,000 users from Google Reader over the past forty-eight hours.

This is not all. The Twitter Page of Feedly is abuzz with frenetic activity. New users are inquiring about the features, and the latest, updated versions of this new software. Moreover, the iOS App of Feedly is all set to become the most popular free app that Apple’s App Store has hosted.

In an effort to buffet curious customers and give satisfactory explanations to their queries, Feedly has incorporated the use of new servers, launched a new suggestion form for feedback, and increased the bandwidth by almost 10x.

Although the recently launched Feedly software is not the sole alternative to the Google Reader, it serves as a clear example, demonstrating the way in which a relatively small business establishment can benefit tremendously when a big and powerful player exits its space.

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