Monday, September 27, 2021
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Google Upgrades Its AdWords To Improve Mobile Targeting

On Wednesday, Google upgraded the AdWords program, allowing advertisers to customize and classify their individual placements on cell phones on the basis of device-model, geographic proximity, hour of the day etc.

Known as Enhanced Campaigns, this up-gradation will allow businesses to design their campaigns paying heed to the above mentioned factors. However, Google assures that all this can be undertaken and maintained in one single place.

The company also provided examples of how this up-gradation will work. For example, if a brunch cafe wants to gain quick customers from among people searching with the words ‘breakfast’ or ‘coffee’ on their smartphone in nearby areas, it can do so by opting for simple bid adjustment schemes.

It can bid for a rate that is 25% higher than normal rates for customers who are within a perimeter of half-meter, 20% lesser for those searches undertaken after 11 in the morning, and 50% higher for all those searches conducted on smartphones. These adjustments can be made to apply to all keywords and advertisements in an individual and single campaign.


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The second example shows how advertisers can feature different versions of their broadcasts based on the user’s smartphone model. It demonstrates that a retailer with both brick-and-mortar, and virtual stores can align his/her advertisements differently within the same campaign structure. The advertiser can incorporate location extensions and click-to-call tabs for smartphone users, and e-commerce pages for desktop users.

Finally, advertisers can also make use of Google data to analyze the success rates of advertisements. They can maintain a count of phone calls which are 60 seconds in length or more resulting from click-to-call tabs on smartphones and then compare them to download rates, sales and conversion leads.

This upgraded version will be rolled out by Google in a couple of weeks’ time, and it will be easily and universally available by the middle of this year.