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How not to get Confused about QA?

Searching for the most appropriate way to implement an enterprise software solution, one might just stop and stare… Because it is sometimes really difficult to decide upon some variant of development, not to mention quality control and QA of a software product, where some additional systematized clarifying information about the process of software QA testing is actually needed, not to get confused about the subject of software QA.


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Concerning Offshore QA , we suggest that you pay attention to EffectiveSoft as one of the most reliable quality control outsourcing partner and a software company having one of soundest QA departments with the best testers. On the company’s official web site you’ll find 3 separate sections presenting an overview of Quality Control Services. They are devoted respectively (according to the titles) to Automated Testing, Offshore QA Lab, Security Code Review.

In the section Automated Testing you will learn about an original know-how technology introduced and possessed by EffectiveSoft, the technology which allows to reduce test implementation time, about test automation services, carried out by EffectiveSoft QA specialists, about test automation techniques and tools adopted by them in conformity with the detailed ROI (return on the customer’s investment) analysis. In other words this section will show you the technicalities of this vendor’s automated software testing services implementation.

Offshore QA Lab is the most interesting section, having visited which, you’ll get to know about the model of quality control outsourcing cooperation, offered by EffectiveSoft (the model applied for many years already, on various projects and for reaching top quality of versatile enterprise software solutions).

And last but not least is the section devoted to Security Code Review where the company shares its experience about the code vulnerabilities most commonly detected in the course of quality control services fulfillment. There you will also be able to find all the necessary information concerning security code review services by EffectiveSoft. So feel free to visit the company’s official site to find the systematized information on offshore QA!

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