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How To Boost Productivity With Your Tablet?


Tablets are pretty handy gadgets. They are not only the best devices where you can play games or watch videos, but also extremely useful when it comes to getting the “actual work” done. Yes, there has never been any doubt about how efficient these gadgets have been in providing entertainment! But, among all the arguments, tablets are also great when it comes to packing a productive punch.

Wondering about how is this possible? Here are some tactics which can transform your tablet in an effective work-producing gadget:

Organize Your Homepage

Tablets are no different from your Smartphones. You can easily customize what apps will get displayed on the home screen of your tablet. In order to increase productivity, make sure you remove the Temple Run and Angry Birds from the homepage. Bring forward your work-related apps.

An External Keyboard

It’s obvious that typing fast on a tablet is not easy at all – even for the most practiced fingers. So what is the solution? Buy an external keyword. These keywords are very light in weight, and can be carried with you anywhere. And a keyboard will definitely increase typing functionality.

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Keyboard Up

In case you are not fine with the idea of carrying an external keyboard with you, there is still a solution. Take Touchfire for instance. This is an add-on keyboard screen specially designed for tablets. The case is made from materials which are highly resistant to dirt and scratches. It is flexible and also connects with your tablet via magnets.

From The PC

Who doesn’t want to bring an app from his/her PC or laptop? But it was not possible as compatibility with the tablet was a major issue (till now). In comes Parallel Access which makes it easy to run any app from your PC or Mac onto your tablet. So be it Campfire or Dropbox – they are easy to download on your tablet with the help of this ultimate app.

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