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How to clean tablet PC and improve their overall performance

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Tablet PCs are basically laptops with touch-screen features. Instead of a mouse, a stylus is used to operate this highly sophisticated and increasingly popular PC. Many prefer this type of computer nowadays not only because it is portable but due to the convenience its touch-screen feature offers. This device is specifically famous among students and businessmen who are always on the go and needs to finish important computing activities while traveling or in places where a fix table is not available making conventional laptops useless. Though having a touch-screen feature has various advantages, it comes with several cons as well. Aside from adding a lot to tablet computers price, LCD screen requires regular maintenance to guarantee optimum performance. It’s quite sensitive so extra care is a must while cleaning a tablet PC’s LCD. If you never done this kind of task before, it is best for you to read through this article, and discover how to thoroughly clean tablet PCs inside and out to improve their overall performance.

Clean a tablet PC – The Screen

The LCD is the life of tablet PCs. Tablet computers will end up totally useless if their LCD touch-screen stops functioning. Before carrying out the actual cleaning process, be sure to have the right tools which include a microfiber cloth and a small basin filled with water. The first step is to unplug your device’s power cable. Be certain that your tablet PC is completely turned off before you proceed. Slightly wet a portion of the microfiber cloth and wipe your tablet PC’s screen with it in a circular motion. Remember to leave the rest of the cloth dry and don’t wet the cloth too much. Excess water can cause serious damage to tablet PCs as it might penetrate to their complicated and delicate insides so you should be extra cautious. Once you are done, remove every bit of moisture from your tablet PC’s LCD through the dry portion of your microfiber cloth. Using any kind of fabric is not advised since only a microfiber cloth can keep tablet computers screen safe from scratches and other forms of damage during the cleaning process.

In case of water spill

Tablet computers are very portable to the extent that majority of their owners bring them almost anywhere. This situation leaves tablet PCs prone to all sorts of threats including water spill. If ever you come across to such kind of incident, immediately turn of your tablet PC. Slightly tilt it and remove as much water on its surface as possible using a microfiber cloth. If such kind of cloth is not available, 100% cotton can serve as an alternative. Opening your tablet PC and drying its interiors is crucial in this case. However, don’t even attempt on taking your device apart unless you have prior experience and is highly knowledgeable about DIY tablet screen repair and maintenance. Call a reputable computer technician at once who specializes on tablet PCs to prevent further damage.

Getting rid of unwanted files on your tablet PC

It’s not enough to clean tablet PCs externally. Another way to assure a more productive computing experience through tablet computers is by getting rid of unused and old files. By doing so, you can gain more room for new files and greatly improve your tablet PC’s computing performance.

Tablet PCs nowadays are sold for hundreds of dollars making it a must to vigilantly take care of your unit with tablet covers. Nonetheless, a slight mishap while cleaning tablet computers could lead to a disaster so don’t forget to take safety precautions and follow the tips mentioned above.

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